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Posted 05 Aug 2001   For week ended July 27, 2001
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Sent on Mormon-News: 28Jul01

By Kent Larsen

Bestsellers: Kirn's 'Up in the Air' Makes Lists

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- After a month-long hiatus for logistical reasons, Mormon News' bestseller lists have returned to find that former LDS Church member Walter Kirn's most recent book, "Up in the Air" has just appeared on several major bestseller lists. The book is a satiric look at modern business culture.

Meanwhile, on the LDS Bestseller list, titles don't seem to have shifted much. Kathleen H. Barnes and Virginia H. Pearce's "Prayer Time" board book has jumped onto the list in the 4th spot while Beneath the Surface by Jeni Grossman and Hearts in Hiding by Betsy Brannon Green have also joined the list.

Of course, bestseller lists don't usually have many changes during the summer, which is a slow time for bookstores, as they await the arrival of new titles for the fall season. In the LDS market, booksellers will only find out about the new titles at next month's LDS Booksellers convention.

The current titles on US National bestseller lists are:

Up in the Air, by Walter Kirn

Satiric novel about a man's attempt to accumulate 1 million frequent flier miles, working in the airborne world he claims to inhabit, Airworld. The man, a management consultant who fires people for a living, embarks on his final trip to accumulate the millionth mile, only to find himself faced with an evil nemesis and discover that someone has stolen his identity, assuming control of his credit cards and, of course, his frequent flier miles.

Currently on the following bestseller lists:
2 - (July 27) Fiction Hardcover
32 - New York Times (July 27) Fiction Hardcover
11 - Wordsworth Independent (July 24) Fiction Hardcover

Up in the Air
More about Walter Kirn's "Up in the Air" at

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen R. Covey

This ten-year-old personal management classic is still selling strongly.

Currently on the following bestseller lists:
25 - (July 27) Non-Fiction Paperback
65 - Barnes &Noble Top (July 27) Top 100
7 - New York Times (July 8) Paperback Business
150 - USA Today (July 27)
5 - Wall Street Journal (July 20) Business

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
More about Stephen R. Covey's "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" at

Bestsellers in LDS Bookstores:
1 - The First 100 Temples by Chad S. Hawkins
Deseret Book
The First 100 Temples
More about "The First 100 Temples" by Chad S. Hawkins at
2 - Standing for Something: 10 Neglected Virtues That Will Heal Our Hearts and Homes by Gordon B. Hinckley
Three Rivers Pr
Standing for Something
More about "Standing for Something: 10 Neglected VirtuesThat Will Heal Our Hearts and Homes" by Gordon B. Hinckley at
3 - Expressions of Faith by Greg Olsen
Deseret Book
Expressions of Faith
More about "Expressions of Faith" by Greg Olsen at
4 - Prayer Time by Kathleen H. Barnes and Virginia H. Pearce; Illustrated by Dilleen Marsh
Deseret Book
Prayer Time
More about "Prayer Time" by Kathleen H. Barnes and Virginia H. Pearce at
5 - Beneath the Surface by Jeni Grossman
Covenant Communications
Beneath the Surface
More about "Beneath the Surface" by Jeni Grossman at
6 - The Book of Mormon for Latter-day Saint Families by Thomas R. Valletta
Deseret Book
7 - Missionary Reference Library Set
Deseret Book
8 - Hearts in Hiding by Betsy Brannon Green
Covenant Communications
Hearts in Hiding
More about "Hearts in Hiding" by Betsy Brannon Green at
9* - Teachings of Gordon B. Hinckley by Gordon Bitner Hinckley
Deseret Book
Teachings of Gordon B. Hinckley
More about "Teachings of Gordon B. Hinckley" by Gordon Bitner Hinckley at
9* - The Promise of Discipleship by Neal A. Maxwell
Deseret Book
The Promise of Discipleship
More about "The Promise of Discipleship" by Neal A. Maxwell at
11 - The Message by Lance Richardson
American Family Publishing/Origin Book Sales
The Message
More about "The Message" by Lance Richardson at
12 - Children's Songbook Words and Music (CD)
Church Distribution
13* - Women of Destiny (CD)
Deseret Book
13* - A Quiet Heart by Patricia T. Holland
Deseret Book
A Quiet Heart
More about "A Quiet Heart" by Patricia T. Holland at
15 - The Kingdom and the Crown by Gerald N. Lund
Shadow Mountain
The Kingdom and the Crown
More about "The Kingdom and the Crown" by Gerald N. Lund at

* Indicates tie

LDS Books rankings reflect sales rankings at approximately 50 LDS bookstores, generally in the Western United States. Mormon News is actively seeking to expand both the quality of these rankings and the number of stores participating. Bookstores and other vendors of LDS books are urged to contact Mormon News at to participate.


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