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Posted 24 Jul 2001   For week ended July 06, 2001
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
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Sent on Mormon-News: 04Jul01

By Kent Larsen

Internet: EFY, YW and More Personal Pages

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- In addition to some fine websites for missions and LDS-oriented businesses, this week a somewhat unusual new site is dedicated to the Especially for Youth programs, attempting to help youth remember their experiences there. Also notable is one woman's "cartoon dolls" for young women and several personal pages, including one in French.

The Especially for Youth site tries to extend the EFY experience with snapshots, testimonies and feelings and stories. Meanwhile, the YW Princesses site's "cartoon dolls" each represent one of the seven values taught to Young Women in the LDS Church.

Among the personal sites, a French-language site by a Quebec youth that covers young women and primary is likely to be useful, although it would be nice to have more information on the site. And a Spanish-language site contains some translations of early LDS materials into Spanish, however, again it would be nice if the site had more.

Newly Listed Mormon Websites:

Brazil Salvador South Mission

Well-designed website offering news and information about the mission, a database of returned missionaries, new missionaries and church members in the mission, as well as message boards and chat rooms.

CTR Online

Internet Service Provider that targets LDS Church members. Features 'filtered' Internet service, family links, links for youth, chat and free websites.

EFY Memories

Attempts to help youth remember their Especially For Youth (EFY) experience. Includes snapshots, testimonies and feelings, EFY stories, and links to other EFY sites.

Hatch Patch Creations

Sells Family Home Evening packets complete with a lesson, story-board picture, a game, song suggestions, a scripture, and a treat recipe.

Heavenly Made's Web Page

Personal web page by Leita Moore. Includes pictures, links to LDS sites, information about the LDS Church and the author's thoughts and poems.

Jeunes mormons

French-language page by a Quebec-based young woman that includes information about the author, a place to chat, and pages for both primary and young women.

Kool2blds' Home Page

Personal home page with information about the author, family home evening ideas , a scripture of the month and day, and stories.

National network of real estate agents who share LDS values. Site claims more than 350 registered agents.

Mis Traducciones SUD

Translations into Spanish of passages from several LDS documents by the site's author, Jorge Albarran Riquelme.

New Revelations

Contains 'revelations' received by Harry Edgar Baker in 1916 in Chicago that rely on the Book of Mormon and restoration of the gospel by Joseph Smith. However, the site, which is clearly not LDS, does not indicate which church, if any, sponsors it.

A web directory to 'Temple Worthy' businesses, i.e., businesses that sell products that meet a 'temple-worthy' standard. Site currently doesn't have any links, but is soliciting submissions.

YW Princesses

Images of a set of "cartoon dolls" the author created for the use of Young Women and their leaders. The seven dolls correspond to the Young Women's values; Faith, Divine Nature, Individual Worth, Choice & Accountability, Knowledge, Good Works, and Integrity.


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