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Posted 24 Jul 2001   For week ended July 06, 2001
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Sent on Mormon-News: 06Jul01

By Kent Larsen

New Products: New History Books Look at Martyrdom, Utah History

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- This week's new books include several that cover various aspects of Mormon history. These books include two looks at the martyrdom, an early welsh-language publication, and lawless elements in Utah history. Also, Blaine Yorgason has written a new novel, looking at loyalty, faith and integrity.

Maasai Publishing author Ted Gibbons has released two different views of the martyrdom. The first, "Road to Carthage," looks at the murder of Joseph Smith through the eyes of his enemies, tracing their movements and motivations leading up to the tragic night in Carthage. "Sealing the Testimony," Gibbons second book, looks at the martyrdom from the perspective of Willard Richards, using his own words to describe the last days of the Prophet.

Meanwhile, BYU has published a translation of early LDS missionary Dan Jones' "Zion's Trumpet," a welsh-language newspaper that rebutted anti-Mormon stories in local newspapers and gave news of missionary work in Wales in 1849. "Utah's Lawless Fringe" is a collection of 'true crime' stories from the Utah Historical Quarterly, many of which involve Mormons in some way.

New and recent products:

Zion's Trumpet: 1849 Welsh Mormon Periodical by Ronald D. Dennis Brigham Young University Book; University Publisher; Non-fiction; Mormon Author $34.95

The first twelve issues of early LDS missionary Dan Jones' Zion's Trumpet, a welsh-language newspaper he started to rebut anti-Mormon stories carried in local newspapers. The book presents the newspaper in a translated version that mimics their original appearance and tells the remarkable story of early missionary efforts in Wales.

Zion's Trumpet
More about "Zion's Trumpet: 1849 Welsh Mormon Periodical" by Ronald D. Dennis at

The Shadowtaker by Blaine M. Yorgason Maasai Publishing Book; LDS Publisher; Fiction; Mormon Author $11.95

Novel about a businessman's encounter with an old man who helps when the businessman's jeep breaks down in the desert. The old man claims to have been given the businessman's shadow and has private information about the businessman's past. Yorgason unravels the mystery of the Shadowtaker and in the process explores faith, loyalty, integrity and consequences.

Road to Carthage by Ted Gibbons Maasai Publishing Book; LDS Publisher; Non-fiction; Mormon Author and Subject $11.95

A behind-the-scenes study of Old Nauvoo and those that plotted the murder of Joseph Smith.

Road to Carthage

Sealing the Testimony by Ted Gibbons Maasai Publishing Book; LDS Publisher; Non-fiction; Mormon Author and Subject $11.95

Using the words of Willard Richards, witness to the martyrdom, Gibbons tells the story of Joseph Smith's final days and the events that sealed his testimony with his blood.

Sealing the Testimony

Utah's Lawless Fringe: Stories of True Crime by Stanford J. Layton Signature Books Book; Academic Publisher; Non-fiction; Mormon Subject $18.95

Layton's collection of readings from the Utah Historical Quarterly, which he edits, includes many stories involving Mormons from 1880s tax collector Lemuel Redd, who had to strong-arm renegade cattlemen, to the attempts to arrest Brigham Young and the admissibility of divine revelation as courtroom evidence.

Utah's Lawless Fringe
More about "Utah's Lawless Fringe: Stories of True Crime" by Stanford J. Layton at


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