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Posted 24 Jul 2001   For week ended July 06, 2001
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Sent on Mormon-News: 06Jul01

By Kent Larsen

Redlands Temple Plans Released, Few Obstacles Expected

REDLANDS, CALIFORNIA -- The plans for the Redlands, California Temple call for a 130-foot spire that will stand out in a city with few buildings taller than two stories. The plans also show a one-story building with dramatic glazed windows buffered from the surrounding neighborhood by citrus trees and elegant landscaping. And, best of all for local members, city officials expect few obstacles to the buildings construction.

The building's most notable feature, the 130-foot spire, is exempt from city height restrictions, according to Planning Director Jeffrey Shaw. "Our code states if you're a church, relative to steeples and towers, then you're exempt from the height requirements," Shaw said. And that same code will also ensure that the Temple's dramatic place in the city's skyline will remain; since 1997, the city's 'growth control initiative' has prohibited buildings taller than two stories.

The proposal is expected to go before the city's planning commission in September, and Shaw has asked the Church's architects to submit a traffic study estimating the number of people who will use the building each day. But Councilman John Freedman doesn't see that as a problem, "I don't think the traffic is going to be an issue because someday we will probably widen Wabash Avenue," he said.

In addition to the approval of the planning commission, Church architects must also get the city council to approve changing the property's zoning from its current agricultural zone. The land, purchased in the late 1980s when the Church built the adjacent stake center, is currently a citrus grove.

The city council's approval led to a possible problem for Councilman Kasey Haws, an LDS Church member. Haws worried that his Church membership might raise a conflict of interest and keep him from voting on the issue. But he says city attorney Dan McHugh confirmed that as long as he doesn't have a financial interest with the Church and hasn't represented the Church (Haws is an attorney) in at least a year, there isn't any conflict. "Since I have no financial interest with (the church) I can vote," Haws said.

Because the property was purchased before 1997, the Church will not be required to complete a socio-economic cost benefit analysis. The plans also indicate that the church will build a block wall to separate the Temple from neighboring property, replacing backyard fences currently in place. The building will also be lighted from 10 am to 11 pm each day, unlike most smaller temples.


Temple faces few obstacles at City Hall
Redlands CA Daily Facts 3Jul01 D1
By Jamie L. Johnson: Staff Writer


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