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Posted 24 Jul 2001   For week ended June 29, 2001
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
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Sent on Mormon-News: 02Jul01

By Wes Rook

Author B. Weston Rook Tells Story of Rediscovered Faith

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- LDS author B. Weston Rook's latest novel, "The Junction" explores what could happen when a bitter less-active member of the church is partnered with an anti-Mormon and given the assignment of living the life of a missionary.

The book's main character, Deems Ellison, turned his back on God soon after returning home from his LDS mission to Colorado. He rarely thought about those days anymore, preferring to bury himself in his work as a criminologist for the FBI. But now Deems is forced to confront his past when he is assigned to go undercover as bait for a serial killer who is targeting Mormon Missionaries in Grand Junction, CO. As he battles his personal demons and plays a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse with a madman, he inadvertently uncovers a disturbing secret about his own past, and rediscovers his faith in the process.

Rook simply smiles when asked about the criticism that his book is too graphic or deals with mature themes. "The only people who seem to have a problem with it are those who only read the first chapter before passing judgement, " the author explains. "Everyone who has read the whole book has loved it. Chapter One had to set the scene for the rest of the story and establish the existence of a murderer. But I don't agree that there is anything graphic about it. I was very careful to only write about the investigation and examination of violent crime scenes by an FBI agent after the fact. There is nothing violent about it." As for the complaint that his book deals with mature themes, Rook dismisses this also,claiming that all the experiences faced by his characters are based on his own experiences as a missionary in Colorado. "I think anyone who has actually served a mission for the Church will tell you that some of his experiences were on the mature side. I think this story is just a fair and accurate portrayal of missionary life, both comical and tragic."

Rook comes from a strong Mormon background and was raised in Sacramento, California. He began writing after several of his college instructors noticed his talent and urged him to consider changing his major from Film Production to Journalism. When forced to quit school to care for his ailing grandmother, Rook saw this as an opportunity to try his skills at writing a novel. The result was "A Shadow From The Past" which was called "an earnest novel, deeply felt and worked out with a good deal of honesty and force" by author Mark Jolly. Rook was a Seminary Teacher for three years and is currently teaching Elders Quorum.

"The Junction" has already enjoyed good word-of-mouth praise, with sales across the Western States, Alabama, and New Jersey. Now the book is heading to bookstores and is available worldwide on the Internet at the author's website WWW.BWESTONROOK.COM or by calling 1-888-795-4274.


Author B. Weston Rook Tells Story of Rediscovered Faith
Wes Rook Press Release 29Jun01 US CA SF A2


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