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Posted 24 Jul 2001   For week ended June 22, 2001
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Sent on Mormon-News: 28Jun01

By Kent Larsen

Why Senator Bennett Can Be Trusted

WASHINGTON, DC -- Bob Bennett, Republican senator from Utah is a man who really knows how to keep a secret. He never names names. Some people have speculated over the years that Bennett knows one of the most tantalizing political secret of the last half of the 20th century: the true identity of the Watergate scandal's Deep Throat.

Although Bennett has repeatedly denied being the mysterious source for Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein of the Washington Post, he is a worthy candidate of speculation for many reasons, including his skill in keeping his mouth shut at the right time. That rare talent for secrecy has gotten him a long way in politics.

The son of Wallace F. Bennett, a former four-term Utah Senator, Bob Bennett has an uncanny feel for knowing where to draw a line with his lips. Steeped in politics and government from the time he was a gawky teen, Bennett, now 67, once did covert jobs for eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes and fronted for the CIA.

"He can be counted on. He can be trusted," says former political rival Joe Cannon, who spent $6 million of his own money in an attempt to win the Republican nomination from Bennett. "That's why he commands the trust of people in the Senate. They can depend on him to keep confidences and not to go off and do some crazy thing."

But Conservative GOP activist Tom Draschil says Bennett's plan for a third term may not go over well with the growing right wing in the Republican party. Bob Bennett talks a great line, but he's on the wrong side on many issues, including international trade, relations with China and education, Draschil said.

Bennett also made a 'Beaut' of a Mistake in August 1999 when he made a remark some people considered to be racially discriminatory. In his single glaring act of indiscretion in office, Bennett remarked that the only thing that could block then candidate George W. Bush's election would be a fatal accident or a lethal scandal, like "some woman comes forward, let's say some black woman comes forward, with an illegitimate child that he fathered within the last 18 months."


Utah Senator Wins Trust by Keeping His Own Counsel
Salt Lake Tribune 18Jun01 T2
By Dan Harrie: Salt Lake Tribune


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