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Posted 25 Jun 2001   For week ended June 22, 2001
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Sent on Mormon-News: 21Jun01

By Kent Larsen

New Products: Help for Missionaries, Young Children and Reflections on Emma Smith

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Former Provo Missionary Training Center president Ed J. Pinegar has produced a new book to help missionaries learn to succeed on their missions. "The Ultimate Missionary Companion" is meant as a guide for missionaries that will help them be more successful. That guide is joined in the new books this week by "Prayer Time" a board book on prayer for young readers and by an author's reflections on Emma Smith.

Unfortunately, the board book sounds like it has missed the mark slightly. Normally, board books are meant for children that are too young to sit still for more than a few pages and who may destroy those pages, if left to their own devices. But Deseret Book has added 'advanced stories for older readers' to this one for some reason.

Also new this week is author Buddy Youngren's look at the fascinating life of Emma Hale Smith Bidamon, the 'elect lady of Mormonism' whose refusal to join Brigham Young in the trek to Utah has long puzzled the average LDS Church member. Youngren attempts to dispel some of the confusion in his 'reflections.'

Also new is a romance novel from Deseret Book, "Masquerade," the paperback version of Mormon historian Michael Quinn's "Same-Sex Dymanics" and a novel by Blaine &Brenton Yorgason.

New and recent products:

The Ultimate Missionary Companion by Ed J. Pinegar
Covenant Communications
CD; LDS Publisher; Non-fiction; Mormon Author $11.95

Former Provo MTC president Ed J. Pinegar has produced a guide for missionaries designed to lead them to success in their missions. Pinegar's "Ultimate Missionary Companion" discusses: The Purpose and Joy of Missionary Work, Preparing for a Mission, Gospel Knowledge, Continually Being Motivated, Using the Book of Mormon as the Key to Conversion, Teaching by the Spirit, The Mission After Your Mission, and more.

Ultimate Missionary Companion
More about "Ultimate Missionary Companion" by Ed J. Pinegar at

Prayer Time by Kathleen H. Barnes and Virginia H. Pearce, Illustrated by Dilleen Marsh
Deseret Book
Board Book; LDS Publisher; Fiction; Mormon Authors $10.95

A board book with easy-to-read text for young children and advanced stories from the scriptures for older readers. This book teaches children about Jesus and why we pray in his name. It teaches how to pray and shows them that we can pray anywhere, anytime.

Prayer Time
More about "Prayer Time" by Kathleen H. Barnes and Virginia H. Pearce at

Masquerade by Sierra St. James
Deseret Book
Book; LDS Publisher; Fiction; Mormon Author and Subject $13.95

Romance novel telling the story of a recently-divorced LDS mother who goes to work for a famous actor who has joined the LDS Church. The mother is forced to hide her divorce from the actor for fear of loosing her job, but it becomes increasingly difficult for her to maintain her masquerade.

More about "Masquerade" by Sierra St. James at

Same-Sex Dynamics Among 19th Century Americans: A Mormon Example by D. Michael Quinn
University of Illinois Press
Book; University Publisher; Non-fiction; Mormon Author &Subject $19.95

Mormon historian Quinn's 1996 book about homosexuality among 19th Century Mormons is now available in paperback. The book was controversial among Mormons when it was released but was acclaimed among national reviewers in the US.

Same-Sex Dynamics
More about "Same-Sex Dynamics Among 19th Century Americans: A Mormon Example" by D. Michael Quinn at

Reflections of Emma by Buddy Youngreen
Maasai Publishing
Book; LDS Publisher; Non-fiction; Mormon Author and Subject $11.95

Author Youngren's reflections on the fascinating life of Emma Hale Smith Bidamon, her suffering from poverty and persecution, her pain at the premature deaths of her husband and many of her children, her devotion to her posterity, and her loneliness at the close of her life. Youngreen seeks to help the reader understand and respect this elect lady.

Reflections of Emma

Chester, I Love You by Blaine &Brenton Yorgason
Maasai Publishing
Book; LDS Publisher; Fiction; Mormon Authors and Subject $12.95

The Yorgason brothers' acount of the misadventures of an obstinate, loveable, one-legged goose who is destined to become Thanksgiving dinner. The bird is raised by a youth, Travis Tilby, who soon discovers that he loves the pet.


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