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Posted 25 Jun 2001   For week ended June 22, 2001
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Sent on Mormon-News: 21Jun01

By Kent Larsen

LDS Church Creates New Area, Changes Area Presidencies

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- The LDS Church announced last week that it has created a new area, changed the boundaries of another area, and made new assignments in area presidencies. In addition, two area presidencies are now, for the first time, made up entirely of Area Authority Seventies.

The new area, created from the North America Northwest Area, is the Idaho Area, including central and southern Idaho and parts of Oregon and Wyoming. Its presidency is one of those made entirely of Area Authority Seventies, who continue to reside in the area, where they live, and remain employed, much like current stake presidents.

In addition to the new area, the Church has reassigned Costa Rica and Panama to the South America North Area from the Central America Area. The Central America Area, like the new Idaho Area, will also have a presidency made entirely of Area Authority Seventies.

The changes increase the number of areas to 29. The following is a list of the new area presidency assignments, which will take effect August 15th. Those marked with asterixes are Area Authority Seventies:
Africa Southeast
Robert C. OaksPresident
Christoffel Golden Jr.First Counselor
Steven E. SnowSecond Counselor
Africa West
H. Bruce StuckiPresident
H. Ross WorkmanFirst Counselor
R. Conrad SchultzSecond Counselor
H. Bryan RichardsPresident
E. Ray BatemanFirst Counselor
John B. DicksonSecond Counselor
Asia North
Donald L. HallstromPresident
Yoshihiko KikuchiFirst Counselor
*Gary MatsudaSecond Counselor
Australia/New Zealand
Kenneth JohnsonPresident
Val R. ChristensenFirst Counselor
*Victor D. CaveSecond Counselor
Brazil North
Robert S. WoodPresident
Darwin B. ChristensonFirst Counselor
Robert R. SteuerSecond Counselor
Brazil South
Athos M. AmorimPresident
Neil L. AndersenFirst Counselor
Adhemar DamianiSecond Counselor
Central America
*Enrique R. FalabellaPresident
*Julio E. AlvaradoFirst Counselor
*E. Israel PerezSecond Counselor
Stephen B. OvesonPresident
Francisco J. ViñasFirst Counselor
*John A. HarrisSecond Counselor
Europe Central
D. Lee ToblerPresident
Ronald A. RasbandFirst Counselor
Marlin K. JensenSecond Counselor
Europe East
Douglas L. CallisterPresident
Keith K. HilbigFirst Counselor
Robert F. OrtonSecond Counselor
Europe West
Harold G. HillamPresident
Wayne S. PetersonFirst Counselor
*John MaxwellSecond Counselor
*C. Scott GrowPresident
*D. Rex GerrattFirst Counselor
*Ronald L. LovelandSecond Counselor
Mexico North
Lynn A. MickelsenPresident
Gary J. ColemanFirst Counselor
*Adrian OchoaSecond Counselor
Mexico South
Richard H. WinkelPresident
Jerald L. TaylorFirst Counselor
*Armando GaonaSecond Counselor
North America Central
Donald L. StaheliPresident
Bruce C. HafenFirst Counselor
Dennis E. SimmonsSecond Counselor
North America East
Sheldon F. ChildPresident
J. Kent JolleyFirst Counselor
Gordon T. WattsSecond Counselor
North America Northeast
W. Craig ZwickPresident
Spencer J. CondieFirst Counselor
Glenn L. PaceSecond Counselor
North America Northwest
Quentin L. CookPresident
William R. BradfordFirst Counselor
Stephen A. WestSecond Counselor
North America Southeast
Richard D. AllredPresident
Gene R. CookFirst Counselor
*J. Devn CornishSecond Counselor
North America Southwest
F. Burton HowardPresident
Richard J. MaynesFirst Counselor
Dale E. MillerSecond Counselor
North America West
Dieter F. UchtdorfPresident
Lynn G. RobbinsFirst Counselor
Duane B. GerrardSecond Counselor
Merrill C. OaksPresident
Angel AbreaFirst Counselor
John M. MadsenSecond Counselor
Pacific Islands
Ronald T. HalversonPresident
Earl M. MonsonFirst Counselor
Robert K. DellenbachSecond Counselor
South America North
Robert J. WhettenPresident
H. Aldridge GillespieFirst Counselor
*Roberto GarciaSecond Counselor
South America South
Jay E. JensenPresident
Keith CrockettFirst Counselor
*Claudio D. ZivicSecond Counselor
South America West
David R. StonePresident
Carlos H. AmadoFirst Counselor
*Juan UcedaSecond Counselor
Utah North
Cree-L KoffordPresident
Monte J. BroughFirst Counselor
L. Edward BrownSecond Counselor
Utah South
John H. GrobergPresident
W. Rolfe KerrFirst Counselor
Ned B. RouecheSecond Counselor


New area created in Idaho; changes announced in area presidencies
LDS Church News 16Jun01 N1

New area assignments
LDS Church News 16Jun01 N2


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