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Posted 30 Apr 2001   For week ended March 23, 2001
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Sent on Mormon-News: 24Apr01

By Agreka Books Press Release

New Book Looks at Modern Polygamy from Teenage Perspective

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- Media attention has focused on the January 2001 tragic death of a polygamist toddler, when medical attention allegedly was not sought until too late. And that occurred on the heels of the prosecution of Utah polygamist Tom Green, alleging Rape of a Child and bigamy.

What is the truth of Utah polygamy? Should it be legalized? Do women and children risk death because they are afraid of seeking urgent medical care? Are child brides marketed to old men? Are there good and bad polygamists? Author John Llewellyn, both a former law enforcement investigator of sex crimes and a former polygamist, tells all sides of the story. Why? Because a growing number of people enter polygamy each year.

So travel that fascinating world through A Teenager's Tears, the fact-based story of a modern day family that leaves traditional Mormonism and enters polygamy, the father excited, the mother and teenagers deeply troubled. Meet the adult and teenage cliques of the governing "elite" families, the "second-class" families, the "obedient" women who believe they must be subservient in every way, and finally the strong-willed women who use their intrinsic powers to develop a life of freedom and choice within the group. Meet the men and their different uses of religious power over the women whose lives they control-and those they only think they control. In the end will these teenagers and their mother give up the "good life" they have created-and their very freedom.

To understand contemporary polygamy, one needs to see into the minds of these women and their deep desire to obey what they believe is God's commandment. To understand the men in polygamy, one needs to study their need of power, dominance, and the male sex drive. To understand the polygamous sects, one must study their leadership, a theocracy more political than religious. Includes info on the new law protecting polygamous children from being pressured into marriage, passed by the Utah legislature in 2001.

"Llewellyn accomplishes the incredible task of exposing the many diverse dynamics of Utah polygamist groups and their members in A Teenager's Tears. The characters of the women, children, men and self-proclaimed apostles are both astounding and precise. The display of male privilege, abuse of power in leadership, and struggles within families, is triumphantly accurate. The "feminists" within the groups, however, are still captured in the basic belief that without a man there is no heavenly glory in the hereafter." says Laura Chapman, who grew up in the Colorado City Polygamist Group as the 25th child of 31 children. She has been featured on CBS/48Hours, ABC 20/20, and in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and in London newspapers. Believing education critical to understanding life and with double degrees in Sociology and Human Development, and a minor in Psychology, Mrs! Chapman is deeply concerned with the Colorado City group forcing all their children to withdraw from public schools.

"Mr. Llewellyn has effectively presented the fears of a young girl entering a lifestyle she does not understand. An excellent representation of what women face in sharing their husband with other women. Hats off to Mr. LLewellyn for courageously presenting the issue of pedophile behavior so rampant in these cults, and the lack of action taken against the perpetrators by polygamist leaders." says Rena Mackert, formerly of the Colorado City Polygamist Group, who appeared on A &E's "Inside Polygamy" documentary.


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A Teenager's Tears
More about "A Teenager's Tears: When Parents Convert to Polygamy" by John R. Llewellyn at

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