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Posted 28 Mar 2001   For week ended March 23, 2001
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Sent on Mormon-News: 27Mar01

By Zion Films Press Release

Anticipation High Surrounding Release of Next 'Mormon Film'

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- Anticipation is high surrounding the release of the latest "Mormon film" from the director of the independent hit film GOD'S ARMY. Richard Dutcher's latest film, BRIGHAM CITY, will open in select theaters nationwide on April 6. The world premiere will be held in Salt Lake City on April 4.

In a departure from promotions for Dutcher's previous film, there are no planned public screenings of BRIGHAM CITY. A handful of select press screenings will take place approximately a week before the film opens. GOD'S ARMY was screened to the public sometimes up to a month before the movie opened in a town.

Dutcher has only revealed that BRIGHAM CITY is a whodunit, a murder mystery set in the small (fictional) Mormon town of Brigham. Dutcher has also been quoted as saying that the murder mystery only serves as the skeleton of the plot, and that the meat of the story is in how the deeply religious and sheltered characters in the film deal with the horrific crime.

During filming in Mapleton, UT last October, cast and crew members reported that access to the script was extremely limited. Actors were only given those pages of the script that contained their scenes, and most of the crew were not told how the film would end.

"I have two theories about who the murderer in the movie is," says Jack North, an actor and longtime resident of Utah who plays a supporting role in BRIGHAM CITY. "I'll just have to see it when it comes out in theaters to know if I'm right."

Secrecy surrounding the film has only heightened interest. Thousands of new visitors daily are visiting the movie's official web site ( ).

Dutcher plays the county sheriff (and Mormon bishop) who discovers and must investigate the murder. Also returning to the screen is MATTHEW A. BROWN, better known for his starring role as Elder Allen in Dutcher's film GOD'S ARMY. Brown plays Dutcher's young deputy.

BRIGHAM CITY is as yet unrated by the MPAA. Some close to the film are speculating that the nature of the subject matter may possibly lead to the film being given a controversial PG-13 rating.


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