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Posted 12 Mar 2001   For week ended February 16, 2001
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Sent on Mormon-News: 15Feb01

By Kent Larsen

Reviewer Pans 'The Princess and the Marine'

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA -- Michael Speier, a reviewer for the trade magazine Variety panned this coming Sunday's "The Princess and the Marine," saying that while all the elements were there for a great show, the execution "is all wrong." The film tells the story of Marine Jason Johnson, who is Mormon, and his successful smuggling of a Bahraini princess into the US from the Middle East, where he had fallen in love with her.

Speier says that the film suffers from its simplicity. He says that the director replaced the "confusion, fear and anxiety" that the two felt "with stolen kisses and trips to the food court." Speier adds that the roles as written in the script are "much too uncomplicated to be taken that seriously, especially since the possibility of prison -- even murder -- continues to looms large." Overall, he says the film is "simple and comfortable but misses out on the serious inspection of religion and legal wrangling."

But the film will likely get a good audience regardless, simply because news reports of the story have been widely published and have captured the imagination of some in the public. Since their ordeal ended, the couple have wed, but Johnson was stripped of his rank in the Marines for his illegal activities. The political asylum case of his wife, Meriam, has yet to be heard.


No crown for "Princess"
Boston Globe (Variety) 15Feb01 P2
By Michael Speier

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