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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended February 09, 2001
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
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Sent on Mormon-News: 06Feb01

By Kent Larsen

Larry King: Hinckley Opposes Bush Faith Initiative

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- In his weekly column in USA Today, Larry King says that LDS Church President Gordon B. Hinckley is opposed to President Bush's Faith-based initiative. While the LDS Chuch has no official position on the proposal, King says that Hinckley told him the LDS Church isn't interested because "once the government is involved, regulations follow."

King says that Hinckley's comments were made January 30th when King and his wife Shawn visited with President Hinckley as King's stepson Danny was leaving on an LDS mission. According to King, Hinckley said, "I am in favor of complete separation of church and state, and while we appreciate the offer of federal funding, we like to do ours on our own. Once the government is involved, regulations follow."

Contacted by the Salt Lake Tribune in response to King's column, spokesman Dale Bills reaffirmed the Church's neutrality on the proposal, saying that whatever President Hinckley said in the private interview, the Church hasn't taken a stand. But King told the Tribune, "If you don't take the money, you are opposed to faith-based initiatives. I don't know what 'neutral' means in this context. He never used that word to me."

King also says that President Hinckley showed him a press release that says the Church will not accept any funding if the initiative passed Congress. If King's account is accurate, then Hinckley joins many other religious leaders who have expressed concern over the proposal because of its potential to bring Federal regulation of religious activities.

But the Tribune also points out that Hinckley's remarks may put LDS Republicans in a difficult position. Utah's Senator Bob Bennett told the Tribune that the remarks "put me in an awkward position. ... I agree that the Latter-day Saints do not need [federal money] and probably would be better off without it," But he adds, "If other faith-based charities are willing to accept federal strings that go with the money and have a demonstrated record of success, they ought to be free to make the choice."

King also told the Tribune that President Hinckley is a "dear friend of the family" and is being booked to appear on his show this spring.


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