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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended February 09, 2001
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Sent on Mormon-News: 05Feb01

By Kent Larsen

Critics Slam Tonights Osmond 'Biopic'

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Television critics nationwide have little respect for the Osmond 'Biopic' to be televised tonight (ABC, 8pm EST), calling the family-authorized made-for-TV movie "weak" and "campy." The only reviewer that "kind of" liked the movie was in the New York Post.

Scott Pierce in the Deseret News says the best thing about the movie is its "good, campy fun" and says it is at its best when re-creating the group's performances. But he says that while this movie is less sugary sweet than the 1982 film that covered their lives until about 1970, the acting is still poor and at times ineptly staged. But he believes that Osmond fans will love the movie for its details about the family's struggles with each other and with the entertainment world.

Even thought the New York Post's Linda Stasi says she "kind of liked" the movie, she still ends up criticizing the movie, observing that it seems to give the hope that maybe somewhere the group slipped up and gave into the drugs, sex and rock-n-roll culture. But, Stasi says, they don't. What she does seem to like about the movie is its campy, retro costumes and concepts. But she claims that in the end she even finds the claim that none of the group did drugs or had illicit sex unbelievable.

Meanwhile, the New York Daily News' David Bianculli says that the movie is a "downer," saying that unless you are a big Osmond fan, the music and entertainment in the film is no plus. After detailing a few of the movie's revelations, Bianculli observes that in the movie mother Olive Osmond tells her children after a scathing review that "It's a critic' job to be critical. That's how they earn their money." He says "Sometimes, earning that money is almost too easy."


Weak directing, script afflict campy Osmond flick
Deseret News 1Feb01 A2
By Scott Pierce: Deseret News television critic

The Dark Side of the Osmonds
New York Post 5Feb01 A2
By Linda Stasi

That '70s Clan
New York NY Daily News 5Feb01 A2
By David Bianculli


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