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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended January 26, 2001
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Churchwide News

  Dallas Missionary Leaves Hospital Beaten but not Broken
Elder Burke Jensen was released from the Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation Friday, 2 1/2 weeks after he and his companion were attacked in a Dallas neighborhood in an apparent robbery attempt. Elder Jensen still suffers from the attack -- he has blurred vision, slurred speech and an arm in a sling -- but the attack has not dampened his enthusiasm nor made him bitter towards his attackers.

  LDS Church Speaks Out on Idaho Religious Freedom Act
The LDS Church is using its influence in Idaho to support the Idaho Religious Freedom Act, a state law meant to restore the legal standard that existed before a 1990 US Supreme Court decision. Speaking in the Eagle Idaho Stake Conference Sunday, Elder F. Melvin Hammond, a former three-term minority leader in the Idaho legislature and now president of the LDS Church's North America Northwest Area, made the Church's position clear to local members. Monday, the Church released his remarks and an explanatory press release on the national service, PRNewswire.

  From Decision to Call to MTC
The Salt Lake Tribune's Peggy Fletcher Stack looked at one young LDS man's decision to serve a mission in a lengthy article this past Saturday. In the article, Stack looked at Collin Timothy's decision from the day he turned 19 in early August through the receipt and opening of his mission call a month and a half later. The Tribune plans to continue Timothy's story this Saturday, looking at the time after he got the call until his entry in the MTC.

Other Churchwide News

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