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Political News

  Clinton Signs Religious Zoning Law
US President Bill Clinton signed a bill protecting religions from discrimination under local zoning laws into law on Friday. The bill addresses the concerns of many religions, including the LDS Church, that local governments are using zoning laws to keep them from building new churches or expanding existing ones.

  Newspaper Says LDS Church Involved in Nebraska Defense of Marriage Group
A Nebraska newspaper says that the LDS Church joined with Catholics and conservatives to form a group to lobby for Nebraska's defense of marriage amendment. The group, the Nebraska Coalition for the Protection of Marriage was formed last week, indicating in its organizational papers that it had raised or spent at least $5,000 in support of Initiative 416, an amendment to the Nebraska constitution that would ban same-sex marriages and civil unions.

  LDS Democrat Matheson Leading in Race for Cook's Seat
In Utah's 2nd Congressional District, the unusual has become the usual. In a period of only four election cycles, the seat will have changed hands three times. The ousting of two-term Republican incumbent Rep. Merrill Cook in a June primary is only the latest in a series of shockers.

  Utah's Senator Bennett Defends 2002 Olympics Costs
According to a recent report the federal government will pay nearly half of the $2.7 billion cost of hosting the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympics. Unlike other countries where the government hosts the games, the cost for the eight times that the United States has hosted the Olympics since 1904, has fallen to the cities where the games are held.

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