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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended September 10, 2000
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Arts & Entertainment News

  LDS Author David Howard Wins Hugo Award for 'Galaxy Quest'
Author David Howard wrote a story that made hard core science fiction fans its heroes, and now the fans have returned the compliment, giving Howard, his co-author Robert Gordon and director Dean Parisot a Hugo award for the Best Dramatic Presentation in 1999."Galaxy Quest" beat out critically acclaimed films like "Being John Malkovich" and "The Matrix" to win the award, perhaps the largest of the three major awards in science fiction.

  'Nurse Betty' Leads To LaBute Profile in LA Weekly
Much like the title character in his new movie, LDS writer Neil LaBute is following his own glittering road.

  Mormon Battalion Subject of Sunday Lecture
Historian Will Bagley will lecture on the Mormon Battalion at the University of Utah's J. Willard Marriott Library at 3 pm on Sunday, September 10th as part of the library's "Sunday Afternoon at the Marriott" series. The series is held in the Gould Auditorium of the Library on the University of Utah campus.

  New Internet Home Announced for LDS Artists!
The Latter-day Foundation for the Arts, which has been in existence since 1990, has just launched its website for LDS arts enthusiasts: According to Larry Barkdull, foundation president, the website is intended to have a community feeling while allowing like-minded artists to come together and discuss topics of specific interest. Therefore, the site has Discussion areas for both general and community-related subjects. Likewise, members of the foundation can post news on events, product releases, etc. Members can correspond with each other, network, and share ideas.

Other Arts & Entertainment Articles

Gladys Knight Concert Cancelled
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- A scheduled concert September 1st by LDS Church member Gladys Knight was cancelled due to a power outage. The free concert, scheduled during the 13th annual Montreaux Atlanta Music Festival, was the only date available in Knight's busy schedule, which includes an impending recording session, and a makeup date couldn't be scheduled.

However, no changes have been made to other dates in Knight's current concert calendar. She is scheduled to perform September 21st at the James L. Knight Center in Miami with Jeffrey Osborne.

Montreux update
Atlanta Journal-Constitution 5Sep00 A2
By Richard L. Eldredge: Staff

ART (Gladys Knight)
Miami Herald 31Aug00 A2

LDS Rocker Randy Bachman to Lecture at PanCanadian WordFest 2000
CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA -- LDS rock star Randy Bachman will lecture at this year's PanCanadian WordFest 2000, on October 12th at 7:30 pm, talking about his experiences in music and about his forthcoming autobiography "Takin' Care of Business." "His moving and fascinating autobiography" persuaded the festival organizers to ask Bachman to come to the festival. "He pushed Canada out there, really early. I think we should take any chance to recognize that and the people who have done that -- whatever their original discipline."

Write on: Canadians front and centre
Calgary Alberta Canada Herald 7Sep00 A2
By Bob Clark, Calgary Herald

See also:
Takin' Care of Business
By John Einarson and Randy Bachman
To be Published October 2000, McArthur &Company, ISBN 1552781607

BYU Jazz Group Synthesis Tours Europe, Representing LDS Church As Well As BYU
PROVO, UTAH -- BYU's student jazz ensemble Synthesis toured Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland and Italy in June and July, representing both BYU and the LDS Church while there. Group members said they felt they were constantly representing the Church.

"Membership there is not like it is in Utah," said group member David Halliday, of Vacaville, California. "No one looks at you funny if you say you're a Mormon here. The members are definitely a minority in Europe." Halliday feels that the group's efforts had a positive effect. "People see that members of the LDS Church are like everyone else. There are so many negative stereotypes. Investigators don't feel uncomfortable coming to a jazz concert."

While in Europe, the group also represented the US at the 2000 World Expo in Hanhnover, Germany.

Synthesis develops music and missionary skills
BYU NewsNet 31Aug00 A3
By Emily Smurthwaite: Writing coach

Exhibit on Emma Smith at Historic Liberty Jail
LIBERTY, MISSOURI -- The Historic Liberty Jail Visitors Center opened an exhibit on Emma Smith, wife of the founder of Mormonism, Joseph Smith on Sunday, September 2nd. The exhibit looks at the life of Emma Smith and includes artifacts from her life and the Joseph Smith paintings of Liz Lemon Swindle.

Author Gracia N. Jones says her book contributed to the exhibit. Jones wrote "Emma and Joseph : Their Divine Mission," in response to what she percieved as a lack of information about Emma. "Nobody ever talked about Emma, and I reached a point where I was curious about her," Jones said.

The exhibit runs through October 15th.

Exhibit spotlights Emma Smith, wife of the founder of the Mormon Church
St Louis MO Post-Dispatch 3Sep00 A4
By Brian Burnes: The Kansas City Star

See also:
Emma and Joseph
More about "Emma and Joseph: Their Divine Mission" at

Wichita Eagle Likes 'God's Army'
WICHITA, KANSAS -- As the film about LDS missionaries 'God's Army' opens in the last few cities nationwide, it continues to get local reviews, many of which love the film. Bob Curtright of the Wichita Eagle is no exception, calling the film, "a surprisingly likable comedy-drama that is more concerned with showing the human side of Mormon missionaries than in proselytizing."

Cartright also says that the film may actually be more enjoyable for those that aren't LDS Church members. "It's probably more enjoyable if you aren't because this low-budget tale ... is sort of a short course in the Mormon church and its teachings."

'Army' shows human side of missionaries
Wichita KS Eagle 8Sep00 A4
By Bob Curtright: The Wichita Eagle

Railroad Story Also Tells a Mormon Story
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Well-known author and historian Stephen Ambrose is promoting his new book, "Nothing Like It in the World: The Men Who Built the Transcontinental Railroad 1865-1869," which in the process of telling how the railroad line was built also tells about the Mormon role in its construction.

According to Ambrose, Brigham Young recruited church members to work on the railroad as a way of bringing cash into the Utah economy. He also says that the railbeds built by the Mormons were described at the time as among the finest and their workers among the most concientious.

He also says that Brigham Young was among the shrewdest of leaders. "Without Brigham Young there would never have been a transcontinental railroad. He recruited a lot of Mormons to build tunnels and lay track. I was also struck by how patient Young was about the shenanigans of the railroad moguls. Besides being a great religious leader and politician, he was a good businessman. He was a very impressive man. He was good. He was one of the best of all the Americans of the 19th century."

He went on to claim that Young had "firmness, intelligence, fairness and decisiveness," as well as "a remarkable memory for facts and figures." "He quite possibly might have been a president of the United States, and, depending on the time, a good or even a great one."

'Nothing Like It' is great read
Deseret News 3Sep00 A6
By Dennis Lythgoe: Deseret News staff writer
Story of railroad focuses on people behind the project

Popular writer finds people fascinating
Deseret News 3Sep00 A6
By Dennis Lythgoe: Deseret News book editor

Ambrose's One-Track Mind Brings Him to S.L.
Salt Lake Tribune 3Sep00 A6
By Melinda Miller: Salt Lake Tribune

See also:
Nothing Like It in the World
More about "Nothing Like It in the World: The Men Who Built the Transcontinental Railroad 1865-1869" at


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