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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended August 13, 2000
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
and the LDS Church

 General News

Reconciling Utah's Mountain Meadows Massacre
NPR's Morning Edition aired the first part of a two part story yesterday on the Mountain Meadows Massacre this morning, examining the history of the tragedy and recent attitudes toward the tragedy. The more than eight minute report includes comments by historian Will Bagley, Glen Leonard of the LDS Church's Museum of Church History and Art, and descendants of the victims. The second part of the story was broadcast this morning.


Olympics TV Coverage Leads to Week-Long Delay of General Conference
The recent LDS Church press release announcing General Conference indicated that the semi-annual conference would be held on October 7th and 8th. But the release didn't mention that the Church had decided to delay Conference by a week because of the Sydney Australia Summer Olympic Games, allowing LDS Church-owned KSL-TV to fulfill its contractual obligation to show the games and still broadcast conference.


Crime Story's Focus Offends LDS Church
The LDS Church objected on Friday, August 11th to national news coverage of a gristly San Francisco are murder, suggesting that the coverage shouldn't have mentioned the alleged perpetrator's former membership in the Church. The Associated Press and other news organizations have carried the story about the murder of Saline Bishop, daughter of Blues musician Elvin Bishop, and an elderly couple.


 Local News

LDS Church Moves Monterrey Mexico Temple Site Due to Neighbor Opposition
An article in yesterday's El Norte newspaper in Monterrey says that the LDS Church has decided to move the planned Monterrey Temple to a new site due to opposition from neighbors. The Church first announced the Temple in 1995, but has not been able to start construction due to a three-year-long lawsuit by neighbors. While the Church won the lawsuit, it has instead decided to move the building to another site.


Mesa, Arizona Buy's Mormon Pioneer Homestead
The city of Mesa authorized the purchase of the Crismon farmstead last week, including a four acre land plot and one-bedroom house built by Mormon pioneer Charles B. Crismon about 1890. The city will pay $243,455 to buy the property from the Crismon family, descended from Charles Crismon, Sr., one of the four Mormon pioneers that founded Mesa.



Detmer tears his Achilles'
LDS quarterback Ty Detmer is out for the season, leaving the Cleveland Browns scrambling to find a new quarterback. Detmer tore his right achilles tendon Saturday night in a pre-season game against the Chicago Bears.


LDS Coach's Journey to NCAA's Division I
When Mike Leach was a student at BYU, he didn't think he'd coach football. He studied hard at BYU, then worked his way through law school at Pepperdine. Now Leach finds himself mentioned as a possible replacement for famed BYU coach LaVell Edwards when Edwards eventually retires. Leach is head coach at Texas Tech, and on his journey to that post he has gone from the NAIA ranks to a semi-pro team in Finland. After years of hard work, however, Leach has gone from assisting at small colleges to leading a Division I team against powerhouses like Nebraska.


LDS Teacher Brings Chinese To Southern California
An LDS teacher in Orange county, California, has led a "cultural revolution" there, bringing Chinese language and culture to 900 students. Steve Cook, who served an LDS mission to Taiwan, is winning praise for his Chinese classes, which have grown from a 25-student after-school program to a full-time federally funded Chinese programs that teaches 20% of elementary and high school students learning Chinese in the state.

 Arts & Entertainment

Will Mormons Give Dangerfield's New Movie Respect?
Rodney Dangerfield has a new movie that will be released September 8th. Entitled, "My Five Wives," the movie is set in a fictional Utah town where Dangerfield plays a polygamist.


An LDS Entrepreneur's Work Ethic
Raymond Zinn, President and Chief Executive of Micrel Inc. of San Jose, California, spells success "WORK." Zinn learned a valuable lesson from his father, Milton in 1958. Midway through his junior year at Brigham Young University, he returned home to tell his father that he was quitting school and going to work. Zinn's father, a devout Mormon, father of 11 and a cattle rancher, was about to give his son a lesson in tough love.


Utah Gov. Leavitt's Silicon Valley Initiative Has Secret Weapon: Mormon Culture
A lengthy article in the weekly Internet magazine The Standard looks at Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt's "Silicon Valley Initiative," an attempt to get firms from California to relocate or open offices in Utah. Leavitt tells The Standard's Robert Boynton that Mormon Culture is why they should come.

 Letters to the Editor

Re: LDS Senator's Dilemma Reveals How Science is Making Abortion More Difficult Issue
It is my understanding that the GOP did retain a strong antiabortion plank in their platform. However, you are correct that the Right To Life did not occupy any podium time.


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