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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended July 30, 2000
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Sent on Mormon-News: 02Aug00

Summarized by Kent Larsen

Coach Reid diagrams a secret play at the stove

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- It may not be unusual for the Philadelphia Inquirer to run a feature article about Eagles coach and LDS Church member Andy Reid, but it is certainly unusual for the article to appear in the food section. Reid, it seems, loves to cook, and has a few unique recipes that reporter Maria Gallagher persuaded him to share. But, as you might expect for recipes from a football coach, these are not light entres.

It took a little effort for Gallagher to persuade Reid to part with his recipe for his western sandwhiches, because Reid thinks he might open a restaurant one day, and the sandwhiches would clearly be one of his signature dishes. The sandwich is mainly eggs and handburger with onion and whatever seasoning you like, on whatever bread is handy. "They look almost like when you get egg foo young. Almost like an omelette," Reid said. "It's one of those things you come up with when you're a kid and you're fooling around in the kitchen."

Reid's love of cooking has him grilling a turkey each Thanksgiving and making a prime-rib roast for Christmas each year. In addition, he makes "fajitas, spaghetti, blueberry pancakes, omelettes, and a mild barbecue sauce made with ketchup, Diet Coke, garlic powder and Lawry's Seasoned Salt," according to the article. But during the football season, which just began with the first preseason game last weekend, Reid has little time to cook.

Once a year Reid and his wife Tammy invite the Eagle's coaching staff to their home for a cookout; nothing fancy, just hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, cooked by a young man they hire so that they can concentrate on their guests. Following LDS Church teachings, beer isn't served at the cookout. Reid himself drinks caffeinated Diet Coke.

Gallagher attended the most recent cookout, which featured, in addition to burgers, hot dogs and Reid's Western Sandwiches, Mississippi Mud Cake (sans walnuts, Reid is allergic), Lemon Squares, Broccoli Salad and a Baked Bean Cassarole. Recipes are included with the Inquirer's article.

Gallagher also observes that the food at the cookout is as unassuming as Reid and his family are themselves. While he now makes in excess of $1 million a year as the Eagle's head coach, his wife Tammy still shops at Sam's Club to get the ingredients for the cookout. But, one extravegance is obvious; a miniature version of the Green Bay Packers 1997 Super Bowl ring on Tammy Reid's finger, copied from the ring Reid got that year as the Packer's quarterback's coach. "Isn't it pretty?" says Tammy. "We've already got the Eagles' design picked out."

Coach Reid diagrams a secret play at the stove
Philadelphia PA Inquirer 30Jul00 S2
By Maria Gallagher: Philadelphia Inquirer


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