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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended July 2, 2000
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Arts & Entertainment News

  LDS Church Member Bachman Back With 'Guess Who'
Randy Bachman along with the original lineup of Guess Who, minus bassist Jim Kale, has returned to perform at the Skyreach Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The amazing, inexplicable, against all odds group returned with thanks in part to "our new best friend Lenny Kravitz," who made American Woman hip again. "It's incredible," Bachman said. "This is the American Woman tour of 1970 that we didn't do because I left the band. It's 30 years late to the month."

  God's Army Opens on the East Coast
God's Army, the breakthrough film about Mormon missionaries, will play for a limited run in Rochester, New York. The movie will open on Friday, July 7 at the Henrietta Cinema 18 on 525 Marketplace Drive in Rochester.

  Mormon Author's Food Encyclopedia In New Edition
When the book was first published 14 years ago, publisher Prentice Hall asked Woods to remove the information about the medicinal properties of food, "They said it was too weird," said Wood. "Thank heaven people today are more interested." In spite of the deletion, the book became a primary reference text for the whole and natural foods industry, leading Wood to travel across the country giving lectures and conducting workshops on natural foods.

  Irreantum's summer issue released
The summer issue of IRREANTUM, the Mormon literary quarterly published by the nonprofit Association for Mormon Letters, has been released.

  BYU Professor Publishes Mormon Passenger Lists
A new two book set should greatly help those doing family research involving LDS Scandinavian emigrants. The volumes were the idea of BYU professor Shauna Anderson whose grandmother Clara Anderson had travelled from Sweden to Utah during 1880s.

Other Arts & Entertainment Articles

Mormon author makes 'Leap' through artwork

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- The Arizona Republic's Yost reviews Terry Tempest Williams' book "Leap," pointing out that the loss of Williams' mother and grandmother to cancer "led her to a new spiritual journey, which became the basis for" the book. The review tells of Williams' trip to Madrid with her father to see the Hieronymus Bosch painting, "The Garden of Earthly Delights," only to discover that the painting was being restored. While her father returned home, Williams tracked down the sisters restoring the painting, talked them into letting her watch them work, and even accepted their invitation to clean a small portion of the painting, giving her a feeling of connection with the work's creator, Bosch.

The review also talks about Williams' connection with the LDS Church. She declares that she still remains an LDS Church member, but not an orthodox one, "I have not been excommunicated. I'm not trying to change the church. I have no axe to grind. My upbringing is Mormon, and that is the lens I see the world through..." But she acknowledges that the Church-owned Deseret News hasn't reviewed "Leap," which Williams says is about "faith, what happens when our institutions no longer feed us."

Mormon author makes 'Leap' through artwork
(Phoenix) AZ Republic 30Jun00 A2
By Barbara Yost: The Arizona Republic

See also: Leap More about "Leap: A Traveler in the Garden of Delights " at

Animator Bluth's Status Uncertain as Fox Closes Animation Studio

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- The final status of LDS animator Don Bluth is uncertain in the wake of 20th Century Fox's decision to shut down its Phoenix animation studio. The move comes just days after Fox's movie boss Bill Mechanic left the studio (or was forced out as some claim). It also comes after Bluth's most recent film, "Titan A.E.," performed poorly in its box-office debut.

Bluth and colleague Gary Goldman opened Fox's studio six years ago, planing to produce a film every 18 months to compete with animation titan Disney. But during that time, the studio has produced just three movies, "Anastasia." its direct-to-video prequel "Bartok the Magnificent," and "Titan A.E." It is also starting production this week on "Ice Age," which will not be affected by the decision to shutter the studio.

Fox Shuts Down Animation HQ
Excite News (E! Online) 27Jun00 A2
By Barbara Yost: The Arizona Republic

First Edition Book of Mormon sells for $44,000, below expectations

FAIRMONT, WEST VIRGINIA -- A first edition of the Book of Mormon was sold at auction Thursday at an estate auction in West Virginia by a local auction house. The book brought $44,000, reportedly from a Rockville, Maryland man. The sale was for a lower amount than some recent sales, including a purchase for $58,000 last November at the National Historical Artifacts &Paper Money Show in Salt Lake City.

In an interview with the Fairmont Times-West Virginian, BYU emeritus religion professor Dean Larsen said that he thought the price was low, saying that the cheapest a first edition Book of Mormon should ever sell for is $50,000. The Times-West Virginian reported that less than six bidders at the auction were interested in the book, and that bidding quickly settled to just two bidders.

'Book of Mormon' sells for $44,000
Fairmont WV Times West Virginian 30Jun00 B6
By Marc G. Auber: Times West Virginian Staff Writer

Book covers intimacy with LDS perspective

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- "Between Husband and Wife - Gospel Perspectives on Marital Intimacy," a new book by BYU professor of Church history and doctrine Douglas E. Brinley and Salt Lake obstetrician-gynecologist Stephen E. Lamb, is proving very popular since it went on sale in March. The book already has sold 26,000 copies, 20,000 of them in the past two weeks, and publisher Covenant Communications is going back to press for another 20,000 copies.

Both of the book's authors are former LDS bishops. They wrote the book specifically for an LDS audience because they saw a need for a reference book for couples that approached them for counseling. "This is not a sex manual," Brinley said. "We're simply saying here are some ideas to help married couples and couples planning marriage. We wrote about some medical situations that come up and how to be closer to each other. Marital intimacy is such a big part of life."

Book covers intimacy with LDS perspective
Deseret News 29Jun00 A4
By Marilyn Karras: Deseret News staff writer
Married couples and engaged are given advice on relations

See also: More about "Between Husband and Wife: Gospel Perspectives on Marital Intimacy" at

LDS Author's Book Tells Truth About Cowboy Clothing

SOUTH PASS CITY, WYOMING -- LDS author Steve Mount and co-author Tom Lindmier's book "I See By Your Outfit," takes on the stereotype of cowboy clothing and come away with a very different picture of cowboys. Floppy hats instead of ten-gallon hats, hippie-length hair and goatees and wool trousers instead of Levi's. And if these differences aren't enough, cowboys even wore pink underwear.

The two authors got the idea for the book when a group of costumed western enthusiasts walked out of a presentation they were making in a Los Angeles museum. The two have a great fondness for Western history, Mount as an enthusiast and Lindmier as a professor of history at the University of Wyoming. Mount is descended from Mormon pioneers that crossed the plains and ended up homesteading in Wyoming's Star Valley.

BOOK REVIEW: Underneath, cowboys wore pink
Modesto CA Bee (AP) 2Jul00 A4
By Elisabeth A. Wright: Associated Press

See also: I See by Your Outfit More about "I See by Your Outfit: Historic Cowboy Gear of the Northern Plains" at

Book of Women Writers on American Frontier Includes Mormon

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- "A Sweet, Separate Intimacy: Woman Writers of the American Frontier, 1800-1922", just released by the University of Utah Press includes stories by 34 American women writers, including Mormon Ina Donna Coolbrith, widow of Don Carlos Smith, brother of Mormon Church founder Joseph Smith. The book puts Coolbrith in the company of writers like Willa Cather and Mary Hallock Foote.

The book, edited by Susan Cummins Miller, isn't meant to be a 'best of' compilation or suggest that the women writers were ignored or discriminated against. Instead, its simply an anthology of work from Western women writers, including those known more for the fame of their husbands, such as Jessie Fremont, wife of explorer John Fremont, and Elizabeth Clift Bacon Custer, widow of General George Armstrong Custer.

'Sweet, Separate Intimacy' Lets Women Speak for Themselves
Salt Lake Tribune 2Jul00 A6
By Martin Naparsteck: Special to the Tribune

See also: More about "A Sweet, Separate Intimacy: Woman Writers of the American Frontier, 1800-1922" at


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