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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended June 18, 2000
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
and the LDS Church

 General News

Four Days Later, Solomon Islands Missionaries Arrive in Australia
The LDS Missionaries evacuated from the Solomon Islands arrived in Cairns, Australia yesterday after three days at sea, according to this report in the Sydney Morning Herald. The report says that the missionaries boarded the HMAS Tobruk at the Honiara Yacht Club Thursday night, along with 458 other evacuees on the Australian Navy vessel. The evacuees included 140 children.


Anti-Gay Marriage Petitions Filed in Nevada
The petitions gathered in a statewide petition drive by the Coalition for the Protection of Marriage were to be filed at 10 am yesterday at the county clerk or voter registrar office in each of Nevada's 17 counties. The petition will put an amendment to Nevada's constitution on the ballot, blocking recognition of same-sex unions in other states. According to the Associated Press, the petition has the support of the LDS Church.


 Local News

Another Outspoken BYU Professor Leaves For UVSC
BYU professor Samuel Rushforth, a botany professor, has decided to leave BYU for a post at UVS, becoming the latest in what the Deseret News calls "A small but steady migration" from BYU to UVSC. Rushforth becomes the new dean of Utah Valley State College's school of science and health, joining former BYU professors Scott Abbott and Eugene England at the growing college.


Report on Fukuoka Temple Dedication
My family and I just returned home to Chiba, north of Tokyo, from a five day trip to Fukuoka for the dedication of the Fukuoka Temple, so I'm sitting down to write my journal entry about what happened while it is fresh in my memory. We were members of the Fukuoka Ward from 1995 to 1997, and we had a wonderful time seeing our old friends. It is a very close and friendly Ward, so it was great to be back with them.


Mormon Mother with Cerebral Palsy Looses, Newborn To Grandmother
An Ottawa judge ruled Monday that the newborn son of a Mormon couple is safer in the hands of his maternal grandmother. The case caught media attention in Canada because the son was taken from his mother just five days after birth, and because the mother has Cerebral Palsy. The parents claimed that Ottawa's Children's Aid Society took the child because of his mother's disability.



49ers' QB Steve Young's Legacy
As expected NFL star Steve Young announced his retirement Monday and said goodbye to football in the San Francisco 49ers locker room. While he said, "For the record, I know I can still play, The fire still burns , but not enough for the stakes. Retiring at 38 ... in some ways, it sucks. In my mind, I leave the game playing my best football." Young leaves the game with a storied, 15-year, Hall-of-Fame-bound career that included two MVP Awards, a Super Bowl title in 1995 and arguably the best passing record in NFL history.


Is Julie In Trouble, Or Is BYU?
News articles on the controversy over whether a BYU student named Julie, who joined the cast of the MTV show "The Real World," should be allowed to return to the school in the Fall continue to hit national newspapers and Internet websites.

 Arts & Entertainment

'Donny & Marie' cancelled
The syndicated TV talk show hosted by Osmond brother and sister Donny &Marie was cancelled Thursday according to Columbia Tristar Television Distribution, the show's distributor. The show was to enter its third season next year, but low ratings led to its cancellation.


Mormon Author's Food Encyclopedia In New Edition
When the book was first published 14 years ago, publisher Prentice Hall asked Woods to remove the information about the medicinal properties of food, "They said it was too weird," said Wood. "Thank heaven people today are more interested." In spite of the deletion, the book became a primary reference text for the whole and natural foods industry, leading Wood to travel across the country giving lectures and conducting workshops on natural foods.


Growing New York Stake Needs Expensive Real Estate
In the past few years, the sizzling economy has led to a hot real estate market in New York City, doubling prices in just the last four years. Churches in the city have been hit as hard as anyone, given their specific needs, which often make it difficult to convert space from other uses. And the growth of the LDS Church on Manhattan and in the rest of the city makes the expense an immediate concern.


Huntsman Dropped from Forbes List In Error
The latest issue of Forbes magazine ranks the world's 'working' billionaires,but wealthy LDS Church member Jon M. Huntsman, who actively manages his $3.9 billion portfolio of companies isn't on the list. Hi absence left some in business circles shocked, wondering if Huntsman had suffered a major reversal or given away most of his money.


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