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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended June 18, 2000
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Churchwide News

  Four Days Later, Solomon Islands Missionaries Arrive in Australia
The LDS Missionaries evacuated from the Solomon Islands arrived in Cairns, Australia yesterday after three days at sea, according to this report in the Sydney Morning Herald. The report says that the missionaries boarded the HMAS Tobruk at the Honiara Yacht Club Thursday night, along with 458 other evacuees on the Australian Navy vessel. The evacuees included 140 children.

  Anti-Gay Marriage Petitions Filed in Nevada
The petitions gathered in a statewide petition drive by the Coalition for the Protection of Marriage were to be filed at 10 am yesterday at the county clerk or voter registrar office in each of Nevada's 17 counties. The petition will put an amendment to Nevada's constitution on the ballot, blocking recognition of same-sex unions in other states. According to the Associated Press, the petition has the support of the LDS Church.

  LDS Congressman Keeping His Word
LDS Church member Matt Salmon is keeping his word. Salmon, just 42, won re-election to the US House of Representatives two years ago in a landslide in the conservative Arizona 1st district. Given the rate at which incumbents get re-elected, Salmon could be looking at a decades-long congressional career. But Salmon isn't running again.

  LDS Church shipping wheat to Ethiopia and Eritrea
The LDS Church is shipping 8 million pounds of wheat from its farms near Cambridge, England to Eritrea and Ethiopia to help avert famine in the area. The assistance is in response to reports from the UN World Food Program that 8 million people face starvation because of food shortages that could be as deadly as the 1984-85 disaster that killed nearly 1 million.

  LDS Senators' Income and Investments Disclosed
This article highlights some of the more interesting aspects of U.S. Senators' financial assets. LDS Senators Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and Harry Reid (D-Nevada) are included in the article.

  BYU-based Group Continues Support For Vatican
The fight over the status of the Vatican at the United Nations continues, and the Manchester Union Leader's Connolly argues that Republicans should rethink their position and support the Vatican. The BYU-based World Family Policy Center is among those supporting the Vatican against those that would take away its current "observer" status at the UN and demote it to an non-governmental organization (NGO).

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