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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended June 4, 2000
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Arts & Entertainment News

  Bachman Happy With Guess Who Reunion Tour
LDS guitarist Randy Bachman says he has finally found closure with fellow members of the classic rock band "The Guess Who." Bachman starts tonight the tour he says he could have done 30 years ago at the height of the band's success. Bachman left the band at that point following his conversion to the LDS faith.

  LDS Rock Star Rejoins 'Guess Who'
-- Guess Who is reborn and will deliver? The answer will become apparent when members of the Canadian rock legend band, Guess Who, reunite for a tour that starts in St. John's, Newfoundland, on May 31 - a

  'Gods' paints poor picture of Mormons
The Seattle Times' John Hartl isn't too impressed with the popular LDS movie "God's Army" which opened this past weekend in the Seattle area. Hartl gives the film just one and one-half stars, but doesn't go very far in explaining why. But Hartl does give a description of some of the scenes in the movie, claiming that the movie doesn't paint a pretty picture of Mormons.

  Emeritus professor and colleagues produce LDS history volumes
Such questions as exactly where, according to LDS Church belief, did Moroni appear to the Prophet Joseph Smith the first time, where is Adam's altar, and where did the original pioneers of 1847 camp when they came to the Salt Lake Valley, have been answered in a new series of books called "Sacred Places," now being published by Bookcraft.

  Evans' 'The Dance' Looks at Father/Daughter Relationship
Esplin reviews LDS author Richard Paul Evans' book "The Dance," saying it "will inspire any father or daughter to ponder the way life was for them." The book looks at the relationship of a caring father and a dancing daughter.

  2000 PEARL Awards Postponed Until July
Due to an unforeseeable technical issue which necessitated a change of venue, the 2000 PEARL Awards have been postponed until July 27, 2000.

  God's Army gets National Attention
As God's Army has opened in theaters outside of Utah, the independent film about Mormon missionaries has generated a lot of buzz both in and out of the Mormon community. And for the most part that buzz has been very positive.

  God's Army #1 movie in Utah for 2000!
God's Army is the top grossing film in Utah thus far in 2000. According to data from ACNielsen EDI, God's Army has significantly outgrossed such Hollywood blockbusters as Erin Brockovich and Mission to Mars , which opened at approximately the same time as God's Army.

  BYU Museum of Art displays 'Depression Era Printmakers'
"Depression Era Printmakers," a new exhibit featuring prints from the Great Depression of the 1930s, will be on display at Brigham Young University's Museum of Art beginning Thursday (June 1).

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