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Arts & Entertainment News

  Terry Tempest Williams' Leap Gets Strong Reviews
Mormon naturalist Terry Tempest Williams' latest book is getting strong reviews in major newspapers and magazines like the Chicago Tribune and Time. Williams' book, Leap, looks at Mormonism more than her previous books, "Refuge: An Unnatural History of Family and Place" and "Desert Quartet: An Erotic Landscape." In Leap, Williams uses a trio of paintings by 15th Century Flemish painter Hieronymus Bosch, "The Garden of Delights" as a jumping-off point for her examination of both.

  New Thriller Covers 'Bloody Secrets Of Mormon History'
A new thriller by novelist John Gates has a Mormon setting and uses Mormon characters and history. But Publishers Weekly says that the book is 'formulaic' and uses 'stock characters and creaky plotting,' which undermine the novel.

  Mormon America Criticized For Being Too Favorable
While many Mormons have been disappointed with Richard and Joan Ostling's book "Mormon America" because they feel it is too harsh on the LDS Church, Chris Barsanti, writing in the Chicago Tribune, criticizes the book for being too soft on Mormonism. Barsanti calls the book "worshipful," and says that stance colors what could be a groundbreaking work.

  BYU grad takes top award at student Emmys
Recently, Brigham Young University alumnus Ryan Little won the Student Emmy Award. The award, given by the Academy of Television and Film, is presented to the best college film.

  Piano Pageant Weekend
Piano Pageant Weekend at the Washington DC Temple Visitor's Center, in celebration of the piano's 300th anniversary.

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