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For week ended April 09, 2000 Posted 24 Feb 2001
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Sent on Mormon-News: 08Apr00

Summarized by Leesa Johnson

LDS Man Creating 876-pipe Organ From Two
(Idaho man combining 2 organs)
Deseret News 3Apr00 P2
Associated Press
Result in 5 years will be a massive 876-pipe instrument

IDAHO FALLS, IDAHO-- The love of music -- not recognition or potential earnings -- is the reason Tim Metcalf works 10 to 20 hours, 20 times a month combining two very large pipe organs into one. "I've always had a great fascination for the sonic splendor of the pipe organ," Metcalf, a 42-year-old Idaho Falls man who works as a medic for the Blackfoot Fire Department, said, "I think we should pursue those things that bring us joy and bring beauty."

Both pipe organs are 50 years old. One holds many memories for Metcalf. He first played it 28 years ago, at the age of 14, in the Marysville Ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Ashton. Metcalf acquired the organ in 1995 when the church sold the building to the city.

With the help of friends he lugged all 219 pipes up a steep flight of stairs and through his storage room's glass doors. Since that time, five years ago, he has been working on this organ, which he has named after his aunt and uncle, Ruth and Jim Reynolds.

The other organ, which he bought in Utah, doesn't have the sentimental value, but is three times as big.

When he's finished the full combined 12 rank organ will weigh 5000 pounds and have 876 pounds. A normal pipe organ is half as big.

Metcalf's organ won't be the biggest organ in Eastern Idaho. That organ belongs to Ricks College acquired in 1985. That organ possesses 6,500 pipes, making it a 65-rank pipe organ, which means it produces 65 different sets of sounds, said Ricks Music Professor Darwin Wolford.

When completed the organ will be estimated at $200,000. Metcalf doesn't plan to sell, though. He just wants to enjoy the music. "I have no desire to do anything but play it and enjoy it. I'm just building it for me. If an interested person should want to hear it, I would show them, but I'm not planning on turning this into a recital hall."

Metcalf has spent a large amount of money on this project. Instead choosing the word "sufficient".


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