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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended April 9, 2000
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Local News

 Palmyra Temple Dedication Causes White Handkerchief Shortage
The dedication of the Palmyra, New York Temple has caused a shortage of white handkerchiefs in Utah County, Utah as LDS Church members sought them for the ceremony broadcast. Stores in Utah County reported selling-out of handkerchiefs days prior to the ceremony, and fielding many anxious calls from members trying to find them. White handkerchiefs are used during the dedication of a Temple.

 Former LDS Missionary Found Guilty Of Death Of Wife
Former LDS missionary Dan Mackay, 44, was found guilty Thursday, April 6th of voluntary manslaughter in the death of his wife. Mackay could face up to 12 years in prison at his July 21st sentencing hearing before Alameda County Superior Court Judge Leo Dorado. The four-woman, eight-man jury took less than three days to find him guilty of manslaughter instead of murder, which could have led to a life sentence.

 ACLU Action Unlikely Against LDS Coach That Gave Blessings
Mountain View High School girls basketball coach, Dave Houle, may not have to endure a court case because of giving LDS blessings of comfort to some of his players. The ACLU says that it is unlikely to take any action over the issue, which came to light in a newspaper article during the recently-ended basketball season.

 TRAX Ridership Jumped During LDS Conference
The LDS Church's General Conference this past weekend gave Salt Lake City's new light-rail system a near-record number of riders on Saturday, and 24,000 riders on Sunday, the first day that the system has been opened on Sunday. TRAX ridership has averaged about 25,000 riders on Saturdays.

 LDS Mayor In Ogden Moves Fast
In his first three month's on the job, Ogden's youngest mayor, 29-year-old Matthew Godfrey, is picking up speed as he races through 12 to 14 hour work days. In his first 100 days on the job, Godfrey has set out to honor his campaign promise of cutting taxes and reducing government. "He's a ready, aim, fire kind of guy," said Glenn Mecham, the 63-year-old former mayor of Ogden.

 Attempted Arson Of LDS Chapel Results In Arrest Of Two Minors
A West Valley City LDS chapel was the target of an arson attack on Wednesday, April 5th, and police have arrested two boys on suspicion of setting the fires. The two are also accused of burglary, vandalism and criminal mischief in the incident.

 Perth Australia Temple Update
Construction of the new Perth Temple has started. Earthmoving works are underway. It is anticipated that the temple will be completed by December.

 How The Church Began In Countries Around The World
In his final Devotional speech before a pending retirement, BYU's Student Life Vice President Alton L. Wade reviewed the way that the LDS Church began in various countries around the world. Wade, who has worked for the Church Educational System for 31 years, is retiring to serve as a mission president in the Washington D.C. South Mission.

  Tooele Still Trying to Get Rid of Mormon Crickets
Every Summer Utah gets plagued with grasshoppers. For the third straight year in a row crickets and grasshoppers are getting ready to invade Tooele county. This time, the humans plan on being ready to fight.

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