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For week ended February 27, 2000 Posted 24 Feb 2001
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Summarized by 'Marc A. Schindler'

'Aloha' Meets 'Tan'Si' LDS First Nations Family Feated in Farewell Ceremony
CBC Radio One Edmonton AB Canada 24Feb00 D2

LDS indigenous Hawaiians Peter and Lynn Hano Hano and their six children were bid farewell in a touching celebration at the University of Alberta's School of Native Studies yesterday, 23/02/00. Br. Hano Hano first came to Edmonton from Hawai'i two and a half years ago to do post-graduate studies at the School of Native Studies, attracted by its academic reputation, and the strong First Nations community in the Edmonton area. He found some of the contrasts startling. From humid, tropical Hawai'i to North America's northernmost -- and probably the coldest -- major city took some getting used to. As a stake high councillor in the Edmonton Alberta Riverbend Stake, Br. Hano Hano's high council visits were actually welcomed in the wards and branches. He had a warm and lively way of delivering his message, and would start any talk off with a hearty "Aloha!" And he wouldn't continue until the reserved Canadian congregations responded with a vigour that he felt was up to his high standard.

Br. Hano Hano related with choked emotions how a Cree elder gave him a special blessing before he left, and Sis. Hano Hano said of the local Cree, that they don't have much, but what they have they freely give. One Cree speaker at the celebration said that there is no word for "farewell" in Cree -- Tan'Si -- means "welcome", and is an invitation to return -- just like the Hawai'ian word "aloha". Speakers related with humour how the Hano Hanos tried to teach the Cree the hula while the Cree tried to teach the Hano Hanos native round dances. Cree is a living language in northern Alberta (although just barely hanging on in the face of English) and Br. Hano Hano expressed his confidence that his time there had strengthened First Nations ties in the Americas ("First Nations" is the term Canadians use for native peoples).

Marc Schindler Spruce Grove, Alberta -- the Gateway to the Boreal Parkland


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