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For week ended February 20, 2000 Posted 24 Feb 2001
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
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Summarized by Kent Larsen

Another ZCMI To Get Name Change
Salt Lake Tribune 19Feb00 B3
By Phil Sahm: Salt Lake Tribune

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- With the demise of the ZCMI name in the next couple of years, will probably come the name change for the downtown Salt Lake City shopping mall named for it also. ZCMI Center will hire a consultant to help it decide whether or not it should change its hame, and if it should, what the new name should be.

The mall is owned by Zions Securities Corp., one of the for-profit businesses owned by the LDS Church, which also owned ZCMI before its sale last year to May Co.'s Meier &Frank division. But Zions Securities isn't in any hurry to make a change, according to spokesman Doug Buchi, "Unless we can come up with an absolute home-run name change . . . we are not hurt at all by the current name,"

The 14 ZCMI stores will have their names changed to Meier &Frank within the next two years, under the sale agreement. The company can use the name ZCMI for that time as long as the stores do not open on Sundays. After two years rights to the name revert to the LDS Church.

Because the name of the mall sometimes caused confusion in the past (tourists sometimes thought ZCMI owned the mall), the mall management sought to change its name several years ago, however LDS Church officials nixed the idea. Now some merchants have mixed feelings about a name change. Paul Young of Florsheim Shoes Shop in the mall felt that in the past the name led to confusion. "You kind of lose your [store] identity," said Young. But with ZCMI's name changing, Young reflected that loosing the old name might be sad.

While Buchi says that the consultant hasn't been hired yet, the job will go to Thomas Consultants of Vancouver, British Columbia. That firm recently assisted Salt Lake's Downtown Alliance to revitalize the shopping district. Buchi also indicated that the consultant will look at more than just changing the mall's name, "We'll assess whether we should continue to do the same thing, or if we should look at repositioning the mall by going after a different type of tenant," he said.


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