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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended February 13, 2000
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Local News

 Police Investigating LDS Bishops for Failing to Report Abuse
Police in Logan, Utah are looking into allegations that three LDS bishops failed to report child sexual abuse they were made aware of. The claims arise in the case of Jay Toombs, 44, of Benson, Utah, who is facing three first-degree counts of aggravated sexual abuse for allegedly fondling a 10-year-old boy in 1993 and 1994.

 LDS Grandfather Who Shot Teen Charged With Murder
LDS grandfather Pete Tavita Solomona, 47, has been charged with murder and will be arraigned on February 22nd. Solomona, who shot a popular 17-year-old after he and his friends stole a plastic Halloween pumpkin from his yard, claims the shooting was accidental and will plead not guilty.

 Kingstons Accused Of Mafia Ties
A Denver Rocky Mountain News article this past Sunday details the position of the Kingston Clan's businesses in Colorado and implies those businesses may have connections to organized crime. The Utah-based polygamy group, known as the Latter Day Church of Christ, is tightly controlled by seven brothers, sons of the first wife of John Ortell Kingston and by the descendants of John Ortell's brother Ardous, who have gained control of the group's ventures in the amusement machine market.

  National Attention to LDS Actress' Profanity Objections Continues
The story has been picked up by more sensational periodicals, but now the Chronicle of Higher Education is weighing in with this article about the actress from the U of U who wouldn't cuss on stage. The article says: "It's hard to believe that not saying the 'F' word could CAUSE trouble." Christina Axson-Flynn, the actress who refused to muck up her personal standards to use profane language on stage has filed suit against five of her former professors charging that she was forced to leave the department after refusing, for religious reasons, to deliver lines containing what she considered inappropriate language.

 Baptist Ministers Oppose Oklahoma City Temple
A group of Baptist ministers, church staff and parishoners met in a conerence on Tuesday to learn about the threat that they claim the LDS Church's new Oklahoma City Temple will pose for their congregations. About 50 people attended the conference, hosted by the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma.

 LDS RM Faces Death Penalty in South Carolina
Former LDS Missionary David Mark Hill has been convicted of Murder and now faces prosecutor's attempt to give him the death penalty. Hill killed three workers at a South Carolina Department of Social Services office in 1996 after a case worker moved to take away one of his children for abuse.r

 Is BYU's Academic Freedom Debate Spreading to UVSC?
While Baylor University researchers come to BYU on Friday to discuss a recently completed survey on academic freedom at BYU, Utah Valley State College in Orem, Utah sees itself as under attack from the same forces that support BYU's academic freedom status quo and from community forces alarmed that UVSC may become a 'hotbed of liberal thinking.'

 A temple is topped: Angel faces east atop Mormon center
A crowd of 200 watched as a statue of the Angel Moroni was placed on the new Nashville Temple. The placement of the statue marks the beginning of the end of construction on the building, which is scheduled to be completed in April.

 BYU Fireside Hears Maxwell Discuss Merits of Mentoring
Elder Neal A. Maxwell of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles spoke to a capacity crowd Sunday night in the BYU Marriott Center, telling those attending about the importance of "mentoring and tutoring." Elder Maxwell's remarks were carried on the LDS Church's satellite system as part of the Church Educational System's monthly fireside, which relayed the remarks to LDS Institutes and meetinghouses throughout North America and the World.

 Suitland Maryland Open House Allows Neighbors To Knowing More About Mormons
An open house last weekend at the Suitland Stake Center of the LDS Church brought together a cross section of religious and civic leaders and area residents, both to see the new $2 million Suitland building and for an interfaith forum on strengthening the family.

  LDS State Senator Teased Over Drinking Coffee Allegation
LDS Church member David Petersen, an Arizona State Senator from Mesa, was accused last week by a woman who says she not only saw the senator driving alone in the carpool lane, but also drinking coffee while he was driving. Petersen has admitted to driving in the carpool lane, but says the witness is wrong about the coffee.

 LDS Scouts Help Orange County Collect Food
LDS Scouts participated in a major Orange County food drive on Saturday, as part of 50,000 scouts visiting 300,000 homes to collect food and clothing for the needy. "It's going quite well considering everyone thought it would be pouring rain," said Lane Calvert of the Orange County BSA Council. "The boys have done a great job." Organizers hoped to beat last year's record of 250,000 lbs of donated clothing and 200,000 lbs of food.

 Summer language courses give return missionaries chance to get language credit
The Center for Language Studies at Brigham Young University will be expanding its program this Summer semester by offering intensive language courses in several less-commonly studied foreign languages, as well as intensive courses in Spanish, French and Arabic. Some of the new Summer courses will be in Tagalog, Romanian, Bulgarian and Cebuano.

 Washington DC Temple Needs Volunteers For Gardens
The Washington Post notes that the Washington DC Temple accepts applications from volunteers who want to help in the Temple's extensive gardens. Temple Grounds Manager Larry Smith can use volunteers throughout the grounds, including in the temple's bulb, bridal, entry and visitor's center gardens.

Other Local News

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