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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
and the LDS Church

 General News
 Vermont Supreme Court Deals Setback to Defense of Marriage
The Vermont Supreme Court ruled yesterday that Gay couple must be given the same benefits and protections given married couples. The ruling is the first by a state Supreme Court in the United States. It also complicates the LDS Church supported fight to prevent same-sex marriages.


 Local News
  911 Tapes of Shooting Over Pumpkin Theft Released
Police have released the 911 tape of LDS Church member Pete Solomona reporting that he had shot 17-year-old Brandon Ketsdever last October. In the tape, Solomona says that his gun accidentally discharged, killing Ketsdever as Solomona tried to stop the youth and his two friends from stealing a 3 1/2 foot lighted plastic pumpkin from his yard.



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  Bikers Take Book of Mormon on Road
They've startled more than one reception desk worker at LDS Temples, pulling into the parking lot on big motor bikes dressed in black leather, looking every bit the part of a motorcycle gang. One Temple worker even called the police when they showed up. But the Temple Riders don't drink, don't smoke and carry the Book of Mormon in their saddle bags -- and they go to the Temple like any other worthy LDS Church member.

 Arts & Entertainment

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  Franklin Covey earnings down 34%
Franklin Covey, the publisher of time management tools and advice operated by LDS management gurus Hyrum Smith and Steven R. Covey reported earnings down 34% from last year for the first quarter of its fiscal year, which ended November 27th. The company blamed the lower performance on investment in new online training and tools meant to bring its products to the Internet.


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