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For week ended November 28, 1999 Posted 24 Feb 2001
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Knight initiative foes gaining ground in poll

A new poll by the San Francisco Examiner and KTVU-TV indicates that support for the Knight initiative, which would keep California from recognizing gay marriages, may be eroding slightly. The most recent poll shows both a small reduction in the percentage of voters that support the measure, and a smaller increase in the number of voters that oppose it.
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Mormons' property buy challenged

Several Mormon News subscribers notified us of this article about the ACLU's recently filed lawsuit against Salt Lake City over the sale of a one-block stretch of main street to the LDS Church for a pedestrian mall. The ACLU claims that the sale eliminates an important place for protest and free speech in the city.

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Does God play football?

The Economist notes that the Santa Fe school prayer case, which the U.S. Supreme Court said November 15th that it would hear, has stirred passions on both sides of the school prayer debate. The case, which started when Mormon and Catholic families objected to the domination of the schools by Southern Baptists, pits religious conservatives favoring prayer against civil libertarians who worry that a dominant religion is being forced on minorities.

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Mormon's film 're-ignites' Waco (Waco reignited)

Michael McNulty, a church member, former insurance agent, and a professional constitutional crusader/filmaker went to the remains of the fires at Waco, Texas soon after it happened. Still for him, the fire still smoldered. He questioned, how could his government wage war on men, women and children who wanted only to be left alone to await the prophecies of the Bible?

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President Hinckley still number 8 in Time's on-line Poll (Hitler trailing Elvis in poll to find person of the century)

In spite of the fact that Time's on-line poll for person of the year has turned into a meaningless 'cultural cyberwar,' supporters of LDS Church president Gordon B. Hinckley have pushed him into eighth place, just behind such notables as Yitzhak Rabin, Albert Einstein and the Pope but ahead of Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi.

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