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For week ended November 21, 1999 Posted 24 Feb 2001

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Nu Skin video popular among LDS Church members (Nu Skin gets behind the camera)

Summarized by Kent Larsen

Nu Skin video popular among LDS Church members (Nu Skin gets behind the camera)
Deseret News 18Nov99 A4
By Frank Curreri: Deseret News staff writer

PROVO, UTAH -- A film made by cosmetics company Nu Skin International has become surprisingly popular among members of the LDS Church. The company's film, "Turning Point" has evidently found an audience among members of the Church, in spite of the fact that it isn't aimed at Church members and doesn't specifically mention the Church.

Nu Skin started making movies in 1996 to "set a positive tone" for its independent distributors. It has taken these movies quite seriously, spending over $1 million a year and devoting a staff of 17 to the films. Scenes have been filmed as far away as Europe and Hawaii. And the latest film, "Turning Point" cost almost $200,000 to make.

"(Turning Point) has gone really far in the LDS market," said Nu Skin video specialist Joel Clark. "We get calls all the time. . . . The reason LDS people buy it here is because LDS people have seen it. It's totally word of mouth." But because the films don't even promote Nu Skin's products, they are universal, "Anybody can use them anywhere," said Clark. "The themes are universal."

The 20-minute film is set in a lighthouse in Maine. A group of people in an office contemplate expected wealth from someone they never met who has died and left them something in his will. When all they get is a letter from the man, almost all of them go away disappointed. But one by one the characters take the message in the letter to heart, and it changes their lives forever.

The film resonantes with LDS audiences because Nu Skin's values are similar, says Clark, "Our company really tries to be family-oriented and to motivate our distributors with real good principles because this industry has been known for years to offend people. Most of our distributors are incredibly ethical people. Some of them need a little help and we think this film will help. . . . This is the key to making and helping our distributors."

Nu Skin doesn't attempt to make any money on the videos, instead selling them to distributors or call-in customers for $3 to $5 a copy.

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