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For week ended November 14, 1999 Posted 24 Feb 2001
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LDS Computer scientist blows the whistle, costs Toshiba $2.1 billion (Whistle-Blower In Toshiba Case Stands to Gain)

Twelve years ago, Phillip Adams, LDS head of a high-level scientific SWAT team at IBM, began an investigation that discovered a bug in computer chips that randomly deleted or altered data being transferred to floppy-disk drives without the users' knowledge. Today, Mr. Adams is on a crusade to track the same chip problem in other manufacturers' computers.

EgyptAir victims mourned in LDS Chapel (Loving Couples to Be Missed)

Ulrick and Dorothy Foth, victims in the crash of EgyptAir Flight 990 that crashed off Nantucket Island two weeks ago, were eulogized Saturday at a memorial service held at an LDS Chapel in Aliso Viejo. While investigators have still not determined the exact cause of the crash, memorial services for four of ten Orange County, California victims were held Saturday.

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'Gun Toting' LDS Congressman fights organized crime in Brazil (Crimebusters in congress amaze Brazilians by exposing state drug role )

Since April a commission of 19 members of the Brazilian congress, including LDS Church member and returned missionary Moroni Torgan, have conducted the most successful war on organized crime in Brazil in at least 20 years. Already the commission has helped imprison 39 people, including one member of congress accused of slicing-off victims' limbs with a chain saw. The commission's success has led some to call them 'the untouchables' after the FBI agents under Elliot Ness that tried to fight organized crime in Chicago in the 1930s.

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Donny and Marie Go Wild

Donny and Marie switched professions temporarily for the New York Times Magazine, becoming models for a day to show off clothes for high-end fashion companies like Neiman Marcus and Barneys New York. Dressed in these fashions, they each walk through Santa Monica, California as a 'style experiment.'

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Romancing mom: Between taking care of five kids, Brenda Novak writes passionately about love

Brenda Novak, married mother of five, devout Mormon, and two-time winner of Romance Writers of America's contest for unpublished authors, has just published her first of many romance novels, "Of Noble Birth." Public reaction to her lusty tale of a beautiful, runaway seamstress and a handsome pirate with a disfigured arm brought her comments from a man at church who said, "I didn't know you wrote those kinds of books."

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(LDS) Navajo's dreams would take him far from home

Jeremy Yazzie is a member of the Class of 2000. His hometown, Tuba City, straddles U.S. Highway 160, the gateway to Monument Valley, the painted Desert, the Grand Canyon and Lake Powell. The weather is perfect as he sits on the rustly tailgate of a bright blue pickup. Jeremy is watching a sea of people getting ready for a homecoming parade and thinking of his future.

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Famous LDS members sign cancer quilt (Cancer quilt honors many lives touched by the deadly disease)

A quilt being sold for charity at the 1999 Holiday Quilt Show in Salt Lake City honors those that have had family members or friends die from Cancer, including a number of well-known members of the LDS Church. LDS General Authority Neal Maxwell, billionaire philanthropist Jon Huntsman and former LDS Relief Society Presidency member Chieko Okazaki all contributed to the quilt.

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Math whiz's life is more than by-the-numbers

In 30 years of teaching mathematics, Lincoln Northeast High School instructor Jim Campbell has seen a lot of kids who were good with numbers, but 15-year old Tristan Skrdla-Markwell transcends the others. "He's on a different plane," Campbell said.

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