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For week ended November 14, 1999 Posted 24 Feb 2001

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LDS youth dances hit in Orange County (Playing by the Rules)

Summarized by Kent Larsen

LDS youth dances hit in Orange County (Playing by the Rules)
Los Angeles Times 13Nov99 N1
By William Lobdell

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- Local LDS youth dances have become a popular way to spend Saturday evenings in Southern California. Large congregations and lots of freeways make it easy for teenagers throughout the county, and regardless of religions, to attend.

The dances are generally run by LDS teens, but with boundaries set by local officials. But the rules aren't burdensome, and officials try to make it easy to participate. In Irvine, the church keeps on hand attire for those that aren't dressed to fit within the rules. And leaders are available at the dance to explain the dance rules to participants, a requirement to get the dance card required for entrance. "Some of them come from so far away," said Cost Mesa chiropractor Ray "Dr. G." Gubernick, who was a 'bouncer' at a recent dance. "Sending them home would be heartbreaking. We'd rather have them here on Saturday night than any other place."

And what are the rules? "No. 1: Have fun," Irvine church official Steve Kupferer told a group of 15 teenagers last Saturday. "Also, no gum chewing, no moshing, slam dancing, break dancing, stage diving . . . Shirts stayed tucked in and ties and shoes on . . . Now go have a good time."

The dances have attracted up to 700 kids, requiring as many as 15 chaperones, who try hard to make themselves mostly invisible during the evening. "By going to one dance, you'll probably meet 20 new kids by the end of the night," said Foothill Ranch's Brent Sorensen, 15, who attends the dances regularly.

Adults are also pleased with the dances. "We've been very pleased with the dances as parents," said Bruce Haglund, who's chaperoned the Irvine dance for 14 years. "It provides a wonderful environment to meet new people and make new friends and let the kids spend their Saturday night doing something they enjoy doing." Irvine resident and non-member Fredd Judd agrees, "I struggle to get my daughter to church, but she loves these dances. It's neat to have her associate with primarily Mormon kids, kids that follow these rules."

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