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For week ended November 14, 1999 Posted 24 Feb 2001

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LDS supported congress criticized (That's not faith, that's provocation)

Summarized by Kent Larsen

LDS supported congress criticized (That's not faith, that's provocation)
without permission. For list info see
That's not faith, that's provocation

In an article labeled "Comment &Analysis," author Urquhart claims that the Second World Congress of Families represents a "new and potentially dangerous form of interfaith collaboration." The congress, he says, is the most important manifestation of cooperation between religions of different faiths based on deeply conservative values.

According to the Howard Center's Allan Carson, the cooperation is occuring between "the most orthodox of each group, people that are least likely to compromise." Urquhart says that these groups are united not only by the issues but by "the fundamentalist rejection of separation between church and state; they are therefore committed to imposing their views by political means."

The issues at the conference inlcude the "myth of overpopulation," preserving traditional roles for men and women, the rights of the traditional family, abortion, and "a generous helping of anti- gay propaganda."

Urquhart focuses his comments on what might be seen as the surprising presence of the Catholic Church in the congress. He says that this presence should not be surprising, given the Catholic cooperation with Muslims in 1994 before the Cairo UN Conference on Population and Development. The Catholic-Muslim alliance opposed women's rights, reproductive rights, sex education, contraception and gay and lesbian rights at the conference.

Urquhart, who wrote the book "The Pope's Armada," also points out that the Catholic Church has since expanded its cooperation. But he says that the cultural brew that results has potential dangers, that the Vatican must be aware of - the potential for opportunists to use the support of churches as an excuse for violence against abortionists, gays and lesbians, and others.

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