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For week ended October 17, 1999 Posted 31 Oct 1999
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Nauvoo questions building of Nauvoo Temple

The town of Nauvoo, Illinois has expressed some concerns with the LDS Church's plan to rebuild the Nauvoo Temple. At a meeting Monday night with LDS Church representatives, the town's mayor and council asked many questions about the temple and the economic impact that it will have on the town.
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Bringing Abuse to Light

The LDS Church experiences sexual abuse allegations, just like every other religion, and experts say that the incidence of child sexual abuse in the Church is the same as in the rest of society. While the Church recognizes that abuse can not solely be handled through confession and repentance, critics say that the Church relies too heavily on clergy confidentiality, rather than report the abuse to authorities. The Salt Lake Tribune launched a series of articles yesterday on the scope of Child abuse in and outside the LDS Church.

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Catholics join Mormons in supporting Knight Initiative (Catholic funds back gay-marriage ban)

Eight of California's 12 Catholic Dioceses have joined to contribute more than $310,000 to the Knight Initiative campaign, according to filings with the California secretary of state. While the Archdiocese of San Francisco and the Diocese of Oakland had not yet made donations to the Protection of Marriage Committee, both organizations told the San Francisco Examiner that they expected to make donations within a few days.

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Web Site Prompts Mormon Church to Sue Critics

A hearing is scheduled Monday in the U.S. District court regarding a law suit that has been filed by Intellectual Reserve Inc. IRI filed the lawsuit on behalf of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints against Jerald and Sandra Tanner of Utah Lighthouse Ministry for violating copyright laws.

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Versatile Hatch: He writes both laws and songs

A popular guest on the Sunday-morning talk shows, U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch, the articulate chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee is considered by some the epitome of the accomplished Washington politician. Regarded among senators as gracious, helpful, and a conservative Republican that is willing to forge alliances and even friendships with liberals such as Ted Kennedy when the causes are legitimate. On the fashion side, this Utah Republican is so polished that the Washingtonian magazine recently dubbed him one of the Capitol's best-dressed Republicans.

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Mormons raise imposing temple in Santo Domingo

The Santo Domingo temple in the Dominican Republic is nearing completion. Situated in the Los Robles section of Santo Domingo, the nearly 70,000 square-foot building is on schedule. The Dedication is expected in March of next year.

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A GOP Lawmaker Says Polygamists Deserve an Apology

Rep. David Zolman, a Republican State lawmaker, is trying to push the Utah Legislature into drafting a resolution that would apologize to the state's 30,000 people in polygamist families for the raids and subsequent prosecution that took place in the 40s and 50s. Her says it is an acknowledgment of their right to exist and is an attempt to build a peace bridge between all societies in Utah and end decades of hostile confrontation. He says that, "The head-in-the-sand solution of the past century is clearly erroneous and someone has got to do something,"

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News Briefs

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