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For week ended October 03, 1999 Posted 10 Oct 1999

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On Faith: For Mormons, Generations Are Bound

Summarized by Rosemary Pollock

On Faith: For Mormons, Generations Are Bound
Los Angeles Times 2Oct99 P2
By Kathleen Lubeck Peterson

Kathleen Lubeck Peterson of Irvine and a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was recently published in the Orange County Forum on Faith edition of the Los Angeles Times. The former seminary teacher spoke of her grandmother, Edith Winters Lubeck.

"I have my grandmother's eyes. I see it so clearly when I look at her wedding photo, my face mirrored in hers. She held fresh roses in her lap that day. I like roses. She died before I could walk." Edith was born March 10, 1893, the youngest of 11 children. She later attended the University of Nevada and taught in a one-room school house in Deeth, Nevada.

Kathleen explains her pioneer heritage found in her father's family as the traveled round the Cape. Some of her forbears crossed the Plains by foot or in wagons. Kathleen is a journal keeper and recounts her travels with her sister Nancy to Lybaek, Denmark to search out the past of her great-great-grandfather Anton Iver Christensen Lubeck.

Through explanations of her belief in temples and the importance that they are to her faith, Kathleen gives a detailed summary of the basics. "In a temple, we make covenants with God pertaining to purity, service and devotion. We make marriage covenants with God that bind our spouse and future family to us for eternity," she explains.

Through researching her family roots, she tells of the more than 3,400 family history libraries worldwide, with more than 60 of them in Southern California. Kathleen tells of her visit to her Grandmother's grave.

"A few years ago, after I moved to Southern California, my sister Judy and I traveled to Santa Barbara, where my grandparents settled late in life. We visited the cemetery where they were buried. Their graves looked out over the ocean. We placed sprays of fresh, salmon-colored orchids on their graves. I thought Grandma Lubeck would find pleasure in that. When I see her again, I will find out what color she prefers in roses. I know she likes them."

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