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For week ended October 03, 1999 Posted 17 Oct 1999

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Should Karen Huntsman be on the Utah Board of Regents? (Bored of Regents)

Summarized by Kent Larsen

Should Karen Huntsman be on the Utah Board of Regents? (Bored of Regents)
Salt Lake City Weekly 30Sep99 P2
by D.P. Sorensen

The editor of the University of Utah's Daily Chronicle suggested on August 30th that Karen Huntsman, wife of billionaire Jon Huntsman, one of the University's largest benefactors, may not be qualified for the Utah Board of Regents. Huntsman had just been re-appointed to a seat on the Board of Regents by Utah Governor Mike Leavitt. The Chronicle's editor-in-chief, Dave Hancock, suggested that since Huntsman does not have a bachelor's degree, that she shouldn't be on the Board of Regents, which oversees Utah's schools.

The editorial caused a storm of controversy, leading former University Presidents and professors to either call Hancock personally or criticize him publicly for his suggestion. The Chronicle received many letters criticizing the suggestion.

And now Salt Lake City Weekly's columnist Sorensen has joined in, seeing humor in the furor. Sorensen suggests, with tongue firmly in cheek, that education or accomplishment has never been a criterion for a place on the Board, so maybe Leavitt should appoint an illegal alien (or, as he calls them, an 'international food worker') to the position.

Huntsman does have a long record of volunteer service, including serving with her husband while he presided over the Washington D.C. Mission. She is the daughter of Apostle David B. Haight.

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