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Posted 18 Dec 2001   For week ended December 14, 2001
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
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Sent on Mormon-News: 15Dec01

By Deseret Book Press Release

Powerful Impressions From The Life of Jesus

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- It is a powerful medium that allows the Spirit to "enter ev'ry timid heart." Just as a hymn can pierce the soul with sound convictions, and poetry can awaken the mind and quicken the spirit, so too can artwork invite quiet contemplation, even immersion, into the events depicted. Among the world's most renowned religious artists such as Greg Olsen and Morgan Weistling is Simon Dewey. Now, Deseret Book Company presents Dewey's newet works, "Beloved Savior" (Eagle Gate, $19.95), a sampling of the art that accomplishes all of these feats.

In this remarkable keepsake book, you will find twenty breathtaking images that present an unparalleled tapestry of the Savior's life. Dewey mixes touching poems, prose, and scriptural thoughts with each painting and work to describe in words the feelings evoked and stories told by those images.

"Beloved Savior" depicts the humble beginnings of Christ's birth, his profound sermon to the woman at the well, his ability to heal the sick, and his triumphant resurrection at the Garden Tomb. Thoughtful essays from the artist accompany each painting and describe the feeling, faith, and testimony that are unmistakably evident in these extraordinary works of art.

Dewey offers 20 stunning images gathered together in "Beloved Savior," along side scriptural thoughts and the artist's impressions. Known for his sensitivity to his subjects, Dewey uses his detailed and delicate paintings to portray the love and compassion in the face of Christ, and the devotion in the eyes of his followers.

Known world wide for his incredible paintings, Simon Dewey has worked for Scholastic and Pengiun book publishers and has done cover and poster work for RCA Columbia and Warner Home Video. His religious-themed artwork has established him as one of the world's premiere artists in this genre.

Simon Dewey pursued his artistic dreams at the age of 17 while in his native London. He studied in England before launching his career. In 1999 he entered the world of published fine art and soon became one of the bestselling artists of LDS religious works.


Powerful Impressions From The Life of Jesus
Deseret Book Press Release 8Dec01 A2


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