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Posted 07 Dec 2001   For week ended November 30, 2001
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
and the LDS Church

Sent on Mormon-News: 28Nov01

By Cumorah Project Press Release

Enhanced International LDS Database now online

EVERGREEN, COLORADO -- An expanded international LDS database with detailed information on the Church in every country of the world is now online at and . The page for any country can be accessed by entering the country name in the form at the top of the center column at . You can also choose countries on the world map page or on the country list page.

Each country information page contains the following:

General Data

  • Country map and flag
  • World Factbook article
  • Population
  • All people groups and languages over 1 million
  • All cities with a population of 100,000 or greater, sorted by - population, with links to local maps and rural/urban data

Religion data

  • Percent of population attending church weekly
  • LDS Membership going back to 1976 and unit data going back to 1988
  • Number of missions, temples, stakes, districts, wards, and branches
  • Population per ward or branch
  • LDS activity rates (where available)
  • Members per ward or branch (total members and active members)
  • Average baptisms per mission per month
  • Average retained converts per mission per year
  • Dynamic country rankings by population, number of LDS members, stakes, districts, wards and branches, temples, missions, and more
  • LDS Membership growth graphs from 1976 to 2000 (courtesy of Mark Davies ww-lds)
  • Projected LDS Membership growth through 2020
  • Active membership, total adherents, number of congregations, and growth rate statistics on major religious groups in each country with 1% or more of the population in each country, as well as data on Latter-day Saints, Seventh-Day Adventists, and Jehovah's Witnesses for every country, with ten-year growth projections
  • List of all full-time LDS missions, with links to the respective mission alumni websites
  • Detailed maps from Marc Schindler's International LDS Atlas showing every ward, branch, stake, district, mission, and temple in each country
  • Photos taken by LDS members (in progress)
  • Links to all articles about the country in the LDS Church News and Ensign from 1986 to present from Mark Davies' ww-lds database.
  • A link to Mormon News' listing of articles on the country.
  • Links to country-related LDS websites, language resources, country information, religious freedom, and travel websites.
  • Information on LDS scriptures available in language(s) spoken in each country.

The Cumorah Project is also in the process of adding sections for each country including: Brief national history and LDS history, current issues and challenges, needs, opportunities, and culture tips. Substantial new data is added regularly. We hope that this database will be a valuable resource. Suggestions, constructive criticisms, bug reports, and submissions are welcome.


Enhanced International LDS Database now online
Cumorah Project Press Release 27Nov01 I4


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