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Posted 19 Nov 2001   For week ended October 26, 2001
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Wahlstroms Moving On After Tragedy
The Wahlstrom family will celebrate Halloween this year, in spite of the September 11th terrorist attack that robbed the family of their grandmother and aunt. And in spite of the tragedy, they are finding a way to help others cope also.

'Victim' of World Trade Center Attack Won't Give Family Names; Isn't LDS
Steve Mendenhall, the Springville, Utah restaurant manager who says he lost 12 family members in the attacks on the World Trade Center, said last week that he would rather give up the almost $20,000 raised for him than divulge the names of the family members he lost in the attack. His position has lead many to conclude that his claims are at least unreliable, and, in spite of his residence in a predominantly LDS area, Mormon News has learned that Mendenhall is not an LDS Church member.

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