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Posted 27 Aug 2001   For week ended August 24, 2001
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Sent on Mormon-News: 22Aug01

By Kent Larsen

LDS Church Quiet on Pocatello Gay Pride Event

POCATELLO, IDAHO -- As Pocatello, Idaho hosted a three-day Gay Pride event, local LDS leaders were quiet and Michael Purdy, spokesman for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, declined to comment specifically on the event, held this past weekend. The relatively quiet reaction of much of the city even led the event's leaders to call the predominantly-Mormon city "tolerant." But a vocal minority, led by a local church, Calvary Chapel, criticized the city's support as validating the gay lifestyle

The event did generate controversy because of the city's support, which included closing several streets to accommodate the gathering. The controversy even led the event's organizers to hire security, fearing violence. But in spite of the controversy, local LDS leaders stayed out of the event, refusing comment. Salt Lake City-based Church spokesman Michael Purdy limited his input to providing previously-released statements by Church president Gordon B. Hinckley on homosexuality.

Given the Mormon dominance in Pocatello (about 50% of the city are listed on Church membership rolls), it is not surprising that many former Mormons, both heterosexual and homosexual, participated in the event. An article in Pocatello's Idaho State Journal indicates that event organizers Amy Larsen, a heterosexual woman, and Scott Weisenberger, who came out about a year ago, were both raised Mormon. In that article, both say that they feel strongly that gays should not be treated any differently than others. "Most people know someone who is gay," says Larsen, who is president of the southeast Idaho chapter of Pride, Inc., known as Pridaho. "Gays live in our communities. They have regular jobs, they have families, and they pay taxes."

But the city's willingness to close streets for the event led many residents to criticize the city as supporting the gay lifestyle. Calvary Chapel's pastor, for example, appeared on local TV stations criticizing the event. And another Idaho State Journal article showed that most area Churches don't like the gay lifestyle. But most churches agreed with Grace Lutheran Church pastor Bernard Huesmann, who said "The council acted intelligently, I think. Otherwise they would have been facing many lawsuits. But spiritually we don't approve of what [Pridaho] are doing."

But Larsen counters that the gay community has the same right to celebrate as Mormons have to celebrate Pioneer Day with parades that close streets and that other area churches have to sponsor 'Marches for Jesus.'


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