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Posted 27 Aug 2001   For week ended August 17, 2001
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Churchwide News

Branch Started in Kazakhstan
There are no full-time missionaries in Kazakhstan, yet the Kazakhstan Almaty Branch was organized July 29, only 7 months after The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was officially recognized by the government. The branch has 44 members, many of whom were referrals from friends and relatives who joined the Church while in the United States. Because there are no full-time missionaries in Kazakhstan, the branch members have the privilege of teaching and fellowshipping those interested in the Church.

Enoch Train Rests in Gothenburg
Rarely has a day of rest been so welcome! At breakfast I meet Pres. Ole Arne Gilhammer (remember to pronounce the 'g' as a 'y') of one of the Stockholm stakes. He drove down last night to see "Saints On The Seas" because he had to be here this morning to set apart a missionary from his stake who is going to the Bristol, England Mission.

Enoch Train: 'Dead Air' in Norway
Performers have an aversion to "dead air"-time passing with no focus or entertainment value. Get a group of performers together and you'll rarely experience dead air. So while waiting for our bus there are hand-stand contests, wild photo sessions, singing, joking around, etc. All the entertainers for Sea Trek 2001, Kurt Bestor, Jenny Frogley, George Dyer, Darrell and Jenny Babidge, Elias Robinette, Alex Boye, Enoch Train, T-Minus Friday and The House Band, are on a bus this morning headed for Oslo, Norway...and there is no dead air. The Sea Trek staff is on the lower level of our double-decker bus and I don't know if there is any dead air on their level.

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