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Posted 27 Aug 2001   For week ended August 10, 2001
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
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General News
Boy Scouts Under Pressure Year After Court Ruling
It has been one year since the United States Supreme Court ruled that the Boy Scouts of America is a private association which can exclude gays. This week, Newsweek's August 6th issue offers a portrait of Scouting in the United States and describes the reactions across the country and within the organization to the Court ruling and how pressures during the past 12 months are impacting the Boy Scouts.
SeaTrek Sails; Commemoration Gets International Attention
After more than a year of news reports and advance publicity, eight tall ships sailed out of Esbjerg harbor this morning on the first leg of a 59-day, 3,000-mile voyage. The publicity persuaded some 2,000 people to pay as much as $12,000 to participate in the re-enactment of the emigration of more than 90,000 European members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to the United States and Utah. Like the re-enactment of the Mormon pioneer trek across the US four years ago, SeaTrek is also getting international attention, as news reports of the voyage have appeared in the Associated Press and Reuters news services as well as news sources with international reach like the New York Times and the BBC.
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Local News
Town Meeting Highlights Neighbor Feelings Over Harrison Temple
If the opposition to the planned Harrison New York Temple wasn't clear before, it was after a July meeting of the Harrison Town Board. Opponents vented their anger and frustration at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the meeting, claiming that the Church is showing contempt for their community. Since then at least one neighbor family has decided to sell their home because of their uncertainty about the controversial proposal. While the town board was scheduled to discuss the issue at a meeting tonight, the public hearing isn't expected to lead to a decision.
Naked Man Breaks Into St. George Visitors Center
A naked man smashed through a 1/2-inch thick plate glass window in the St. George Utah Temple Visitors Center early Friday morning, closing the center for the weekend. Police were forced to use an electric stun gun to subdue the "combative and resistant" man, but his motives for the attack remain a mystery.
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Andy Reid Now More Than Just Eagles Coach
Once mentioned as a possible successor to the legendary BYU football coach LaVell Edwards, the Philadelphia Eagles organization has done just about everything possible to make Andy Reid happy to stay in Philadelphia. A pay raise. Tremendous deference in personnel decisions. Even additional authority in the organization that extends far beyond most head coaching jobs. No longer just the coach, Reid has been granted enormous authority and enormous responsibility.
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How Mormon Theology Supports Stem Cell Research
An enlightening article in the online magazine Slate Thursday argues that LDS theology supports stem cell research while still prohibiting abortion, in direct contrast to the Catholic theology often cited by stem cell opponents. Drew Clark, a senior writer at National Journal's Technology Daily and an LDS Church member, argues that this theology is behind the views of Orrin Hatch and the four other Mormon Senators who support the research.
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Major LDS Music Websites Make News
An article in the Deseret News this past weekend looked at three major LDS music websites, discovering a growing collaborative movement that "isn't just church hymns and choir music anymore." The article looked at, an LDS music directory, and and, two "Internet Radio" websites that stream music to listeners. But while the collaborative nature of these websites is spreading familiarity with LDS music, all three are part-time efforts with varying amounts of investment and it remains to be seen if any of these efforts can become a self-supporting operation.
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Indictment in 1974 Missionary Murders
A grand jury in Austin, Texas has indicted Robert Elmer Kleasen for the second time in the 1974 murder of LDS missionaries Mark Fischer and Gary Darley, 24 years after his first murder conviction for their deaths was overturned. Travis County Assistant District Attorney Claire Dawson Brown opened the case Wednesday and sought and obtained an indictment today. According to District Attorney Ronald Earl, advances in DNA analysis made it possible to connect Kleasen to the murders. The indictment means that Kleasen will likely be extradited to the US after he completes a sentence in England in November.
LDS Drama Student Loses Profanity Case
A court room drama ended Friday when U.S. Distric Judge Tena Campbell ruled to dismiss a lawsuit by University of Utah student, Christina Axson-Flynn, who claimed her rights were violated when she received a drama assignment that included reciting a script that contained profane language. The use of profane language was required only as an academic exercise and the curriculum did not take a position on religion according to the Judge Campbell's ruling.
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Arts & Entertainment
Review: 'Welcome to Brigham' Shakes Off LDS Music Stereotypes
Straight from an opening scene in the movie, a police vehicle on the front cover drives past the sign greeting drivers: "Welcome to Brigham." Some may wonder, "Which direction is the vehicle headed?" since the town is fictional. The destination of the sheriff's truck is unknown, as is the location of the fantasy town.
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Deseret News' Dean Photo Editing Makes Worldwide News
A single cigarette is world famous. In a recent edition of the Deseret News, owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, actor James Dean's photograph appeared without his customary cigarette. The manipulation violated newspaper policy against changing photographs, said managing editor Rick Hall and a clarification ran the following week, but news reports of the error have appeared in hundreds of newspapers around the world, even as far away as Malaysia, and, to the News' embarrassment, made the trade publication Editor &Publisher.
Forbes Reports Huntsman in 'A Very Tight Spot'
The August 6th issue of Forbes Magazine reports that LDS billionaire Jon M. Huntsman is in a "very tight spot" because of long-term debt taken on to finance acquisitions. The company has had to sell some assets and take on minority investment in order to meet the interest payments on its debt. The company has also recently cut back, dropping 700 of its 3,500 US jobs in an effort to pare costs in the face of lower prices for its products.
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