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Posted 07 May 2001   For week ended May 04, 2001
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Sent on Mormon-News: 04May01

By 'Marc A. Schindler'

Pre-Columbian Equine Find in Southern Alberta

CARDSTON, ALBERTA, CANADA -- This just in on CBC Radio One's "As It Happens." A Cardston, Alberta schoolteacher has found proof of co-existence of horses and humans in pre-Columbian times. The site's now being excavated by archaeologists from the University of Calgary (the schoolteacher is now working on his M.Sc. in archaeology as a result of his find). The site is the bottom of the St. Mary's River reservoir which forms the SE border of the Blood Indian Reserve, within walking distance of the Cardston temple.

[Editor's note: If this find is confirmed and dates to the appropriate time periods, it will fill an important hole in Book of Mormon archaeology. The Book of Mormon indicates that the ancient inhabitants of the Americas used horses, but to date the archaeological record has not supported the presence of horses. Even with this find, the evidence supporting the presence of horses will be thin.]

Clovis points (ie, arrowheads older than Columbus) have been found with animal protein residues on them, along with numerous bones. Carbon dating of the remains varies from 200 years ago to 11 000 BP. Three Clovis points have been tested; 2 have been found with equine protein and fat residue on them, and 1 with camel (!) residue on it.

The U of C project leader is Dr. Brian P. Kooyman, Associate Professor of Archaeology, University of Calgary.

Will pass along more details as I get them.


Report, Marc A. Schindler


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