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Posted 07 May 2001   For week ended May 04, 2001
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
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Sent on Mormon-News: 03May01

By Kent Larsen

LDS Depression, Plan of Salvation and the Beat Detective

Please note: Comments reflect status of these websites on the date of publication: May 3, 2001. The sites below may have changed since then.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- The number of LDS musicians with websites and CDs continues to amaze anyone that looks. Sites like contain extensive lists of LDS musicians, but don't manage to get everyone, such as the Beat Detective, a New York City-area musician who used one of several services that allow musicians to post information about their activities and mp3 files so that surfers can hear them. The explosion in musicians is also helped by the improvements in technology that make producing a CD almost as easy as producing a book at Kinkos.

Meanwhile, was listed in one Mormon directory this past week. The site is one of many that tries to form an LDS community associated with a common ailment or status in life. Also new is a graphic representation of "The Plan of Salvation" on the LDSKorea website. While not as clean and graphically sophisticated as it could be, it none-the-less gets the point across. The on-line Mormon community could use more sites that take this kind of graphic approach to explaining doctrine.

Newly Listed Mormon Websites:

Hombres Jovenes Barrio California

Web page for young men of the California Ward, Trujillo Peru Central Stake. Includes pages on the group's leadership, purpose and activities.

The Plan of Salvation

A graphic map of the plan of salvation. Users can click on the various elements of the map for an explanation of that item.

Great Lengths

Well-designed site selling knee-length shorts for men and women, modest prom dresses and wedding dresses.

Beat Detective

LDS rap musician's official website. Includes MP3s for downloads. Reportedly the first project on a record label owned by a Queens, New York LDS bishop. Hosted on one of the many Internet listing services for musicians.

Tonga Nuku'Alofa Mission

Home page for alumni of the Tonga Nuku'Alofa Mission. Allows alumni to register and look up information about each other, but doesn't include much other information about the mission. Use of some graphics is distracting and makes headlines difficult to read.

Mexico Hermosillo Mission

A more complete mission home page in both English and Spanish, with information about the mission, a chat room, and a list of past presidents in addition to the regular listing of alumni.

B. Weston Rook Homepage

Homepage for author Rook, who has published two books through the Xlibris self-publishing service.

Kerby Music

Home page for Linda Kerby's LDS vocal music and hymn arrangements. Includes MP3s available for downloading. Marred by music that plays automatically, instead of at user's request.

LDS Church Approved Clipart

An index to the primary clip art in the Church magazines on the LDS Church's website. The images remain on the Church's website and the author has avoided copyright problems by making clear where the images are from.

LDS Information Webpage

A compilation of doctrinal writings by website owner Michael T. Griffith. Includes explanation of basic LDS doctrines, which church is right, answering LDS critics and his list of links to other sites.


Well-designed website providing information, support and resources for LDS Church members suffering from depression. Includes facts about depression, resources for coping with depression, a story about how an LDS woman survived depression and a community page for communicating with others.

Turning Point for LDS Family Education

Explanation of author's family scripture study program designed to improve involvement and understanding of the scriptures.


Home page for new Portuguese-language mailing list for returned LDS missionaries. Uses slow-loading Brazilian service, an egroups-type service.


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