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Posted 07 May 2001   For week ended May 04, 2001
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Sent on Mormon-News: 03May01

By Kent Larsen

Redlands California Notice Confuses Neighbors, City

REDLANDS, CALIFORNIA -- The news that the LDS Church will build a small Temple in Redlands, California led to a city council session on the planned building Tuesday night. Councilman Kacey Haws, an LDS Church member, tried to give his fellow city councilmen an idea of the Temple's size, purpose and impact. But meanwhile, recent articles in local newspapers showed a good deal of confusion and speculation among Redlands citizens and others in California's "Inland Empire" about the building.

At the city council meeting Tuesday night, Hawes explained that the building would be about 15,000 square feet, smaller than some LDS meetinghouses in the area and just one twelfth the size of the Los Angeles Temple. "The temple needs to fit in (with the) surrounding community. This one will be fabulous," Haws said.

The location of the building is still not known, although local newspapers have speculated on the location, based on where the Church owns land in the area. Possible locations include a five acre parcel next to an LDS meeting house at Wabash Avenue and Fifth Street and a 10 acre tract near Alabama Street and San Bernardino Avenue.

However, the latter site is located in what is known as the "doughnut hole," a 1,000 acre area of unincorporated county land that is completely surrounded by the city of Redlands. While putting a building in that area may eliminate some of the bureaucracy associated with constructing a building, it also may put the building at risk from what neighbors might do with their land. One letter to the editor of the Relands Daily Facts suggested that a proposed sewage treatment facility might end up next door to the Temple, and the city of Redlands couldn't do anything about it, because of an agreement between the city and the county.

When the building was announced, local planning officials expressed surprise, saying that they had not yet received a building permit application from the Church. "I didn't know about this," said Jeff Shaw, city planning and community development director, who met with other city officials Monday to talk about the issue. "We were speculating as to where this might be. I was wondering: Is it possibly in the 'doughnut hole'?"

Meanwhile, other local articles looked at the potential economic impact of the building. Because the Temple will be drawing from a district of 70,000 members, Hawes suggested to the city council that the impact of the building will be positive, both from members from outside Redlands traveling there to attend the Temple, as well as from new retail establishments built to serve them. But Highland City manager Sam J. Racadio, who also is an LDS Church member, doubts that the economic impact will be significant, "I don't think there would be a big influx of people, because they're not open all of the time," Racadio said. "I don't think it would generate that much traffic, but the people in the Inland Empire would generally use it."

A San Bernardino Sun article, on the other hand, suggested that the Temple could have a positive impact on the cultural growth of Redlands. The article reasons that the encouragement that the Church gives cultural activities will make the Temple a magnet for those activities.

But not everyone is so positive about the potential impact of the building. One reader wrote to the Redlands Daily Facts worrying about the Temple's location and aesthetic impact, "I implore the city building officials to limit the proposed temple size. We do not need a huge and grotesque building in our town," wrote the anonymous reader.


Smaller temple planned for Inland-area Mormons
Riverside CA Press-Enterprise 2May01 D1
By Sharyn Obsatz: Press-Enterprise
RELIGION: The building that the LDS has in mind for Redlands will be cozy, not huge, city officials are told.

Redlands, Calif., Council Debates Merits of Proposed Mormon Temple
Ontario CA Business Press 30Apr01 D1
By Jospeh Ascenzi: The Business Press

How big will it be?
Redlands CA Daily Facts 27Apr01 D1

New LDS temple could fuel Redlands' cultural growth
San Bernardino co CA Sun 27Apr01 D1

How does that work?
Redlands CA Daily Facts 25Apr01 OD1

Plans for Redlands temple unconfirmed locally
San Bernardino co CA Sun 24Apr01 D1
By Stephen Wall

Temple plans blessing for faithful
Redlands CA Daily Facts 24Apr01 D1

Mormon temple to be built in Redlands
Redlands CA Daily Facts (AP) 22Apr01 D1


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