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Posted 14 May 2001   For week ended May 04, 2001
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
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Sent on Mormon-News: 08May01

By Mark Wright

At BYU-Hawaii, Card Tells Students How to Write

LAIE, HAWAII -- Orson Scott Card, well known-novelist and member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, has found his own way to meld his religious beliefs and his creative writing. Earlier in his career, he briefly attempted to separate his personal moral compass from his writings. He was, by his own admission, mostly unsuccessful in the attempt. Now, realizing that his religious perspective is part of "who he is," Card is comfortable with the results that come from his harmonization of the sacred and the secular. "What I do as a Mormon writer is no different than what you do as a Mormon insurance salesman, a Mormon student, a Mormon clerk at the grocery store, a Mormon doctor, that is, I try to make everything I do a part of life as a Latter-day Saint," he said.

Card was speaking to a small audience about the concerns, problems and benefits of being a successful Latter Day Saint writer while visiting the Aloha Center on the campus of BYU-Hawaii. While answering questions, Card provided his insights about what it takes to be a successful writer. "Write your brains out," he said. "If you're writing, you're a writer. If you're not writing, you're not a writer...If you're serious about writing, just do it."

He also offered advice about the "right" way to write, saying, "Pay no attention to what you have been told what good writing is." Finally, Card noted that many writers have to spend time trying to unlearn incorrect writing principles that they were taught in school.

Best known for his Hugo and Nebula award-winning stories, Card is pursuing the possibility of moving his work to the big screen. Current discussions with Nickelodeon Films may eventually bring Card's wildly popular sci-fi novel, Ender's Game, to a theater near you. Hopefully, Card will continue to find a way to mesh his imaginative writing with his core LDS beliefs and produce many more entertaining stories for all to enjoy.


Writing as a Mormon
BYU Hawaii Ke Alaka'i 2May01 A2
By Nate Sadowski: Staff writer
Successful LDS writer Orson Scott Card


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