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Posted 09 Apr 2001   For week ended April 06, 2001
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Sent on Mormon-News: 03Apr01

By Covenant Communications

Hear Ye, Hear Ye -- Utah Judge Writes Best-selling LDS Mystery

AMERICAN FORK, UTAH -- Being a judge and an author has proven to be a compelling combination as Clair Poulson uses his unique insight into the criminal mind to create I'll Find You, the #1 best-selling LDS novel.

"I've worked with so many different kinds of lawbreakers after twenty years in law enforcement and ten years in the courts-people as tough as they come," said Clair Poulson. "It is a part of me."

It is with this understanding that Poulson creates a story that is as gripping as it is believable. At age six, Jeri Satch witnesses her best friend Rusty Egan being kidnapped and can only yell "I'll find you" as the stranger speeds away. Now, seventeen years later, Jeri feels a spark of recognition when she meets a prison inmate who resembles her childhood friend.

Clair Poulson uses this web of drama, tragedy, and love to paint the vivid tale of the life of a criminal and the changes that are possible. "I've witnessed firsthand the struggles of prisoners, and I have seen ones who could be reformed" he said. "Remarkable changes can happen when prisoners are touched by the gospel and the right example." -more- "I'll Find You has sold the entire first printing of 6,500 copies since its release one month ago. The response to the book has been phenomenal. Clair Poulson is the LDS version of John Grisham," said Robby Nichols, vice president of Marketing at Covenant Communications.

"As our best-selling book, I'll Find You continues to fly off the shelves-far exceeding our expectations," said Jackie Gibb, assistant manager of Seagull Book and Tape. "Customers like it because it is a book that breaks the mold. It isn't just a mystery or a romance, but an intriguing combination of both."

I'll Find You by Clair Poulson (14.95 softcover and $24.95 book on cassette) is available at Seagull Book and Tape, Deseret Book, and bookstores everywhere, or at .


About Clair Poulson

Law Enforcement Career:
1983-1991 Duchesne County Sheriff
1981-1983 Duchesne County Deputy Sheriff
1972-1981 Utah Highway Patrol
1970-1972 U.S. Army Military Police

Criminal Justice Career:
1991-Present Duchesne County Justice Court Judge
1999-Present Member of the Utah Judicial Council
1995-Present Member of the Board of Justice Court Judges

About the Book

I'll Find You, by Clair Poulson, 310 pages, softcover, $14.95, or book on 6 cassettes, $24.95

No one, not even Jeri Satch herself, could explain exactly why she had taken a job hundreds of miles away from her family, friends, and Warren, her perfect boyfriend. It was just something she had to do -- because it felt right.

Assigned to work with the bookkeeping staff at a minimum security prison, Jeri was invited to tour the facilities. There she saw a strong young man with piercing blue eyes. Could it be Rusty?

When she was just six years old, Jeri has witnessed her best friend, Rusty Egan, being kidnapped by a menacing stranger. As the old green car sped away with Rusty inside, Jeri screamed, "I'll find you!" Those words-that promise-had haunted her for seventeen years.

As years passed, thoughts of Rusty were never far away from Jeri's mind. And she never ceased to watch for the one thing that would identify him-his unforgettable blue eyes.

The muscular inmate named Randy Moore wasn't sure how he knew the attractive young woman who was staring at him. But the name she murmured-Rusty-sent a shiver down his spine, and made long-forgotten memories claw for the light of day. He didn't have time for this. With only months to go before his parole, all Randy could think about was the half a million dollars he had hidden, and the serial killer who would soon be on his trail.

Brimming with intrigue, suspense, and an unlikely love, I'll Find You by Clair M. Poulson tells the incredible story of a young woman's search for a long-lost friend, and the adventure of a lifetime that finds her.


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