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Posted 26 Mar 2001   For week ended March 09, 2001
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Sent on Mormon-News: 06Mar01

By Kent Larsen

Donny Extends Hand and Finds a Fan ... in Eminem

CLEVELAND, OHIO -- When he was in the United Kingdom recently at the Brit Awards, LDS pop star Donny Osmond met the controversial rap star Eminem, and extended a hand of friendship, and discovered an admirer. Osmond told about the encounter in an interview with the Cleveland Plain Dealer, as he made an appearance there Saturday at the pledge-drive premiere of of a concert special for his new album, "This Is the Moment," on Cleveland's WVIZ Channel 25.

Osmond says he told Eminem, "I just have to shake your hand, just to say I met you," and he got a surprising response. "Donny Osmond! Man! Your music really influenced me! Yeah, man, I used to listen to your music all the time!" In spite of what many people think of Eminem, Donny was diplomatic about the incident, "Anytime people listen to your music and they say it influenced them, it's a great compliment."

Interviewer Soeder talks with Donny about his life and music, mentioning specifically a turning point in Donny's life where advice from another musician helped him. In the late 1980s, Donny met Genesis' Peter Gabriel, and eventually the two recorded together at Gabriel's studio in England. At the time, Donny was very worried about changing his image. "I had publicists dreaming up ideas to get me busted for drugs, to change my image," Donny recalls. "Peter told me to forget about the image, that it's the music that counts." Soon after, Donny recorded his 1989 hit, "Soldier of Love."

Donny also reminisced with Soeder about his teenybopper stardom, and his more recent success in "Joseph and the Amazin Technicolor Dreamcoat." He also is still confused about why the syndicated talk show featuring him with his sister Marie failed after two years. "Your guess is as good as mine," he says. "I'm hearing through the grapevine that it was just too expensive. They could make more money with another court show and that's what they did."


Eminem's idol? Who but Donny Osmond
Cleveland OH Plain Dealer 4Mar01 A2
By John Soeder


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