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Churchwide News

  Mauss Says LDS Church Growth Brings Problems Too
Sociologist Armand Mauss, who has made a career of studying the LDS Church, gave the inaugural lecture on Mormon Culture at Utah Valley State College last Wednesday. The lecture is the first in a series on Mormon Culture sponsored by UVSC's Religious Studies program. Mauss addressed the well-known prediction that the LDS Church will pass 250 million members by 2080, telling attendees Wednesday that many hurdles lie in the way of reaching that milestone.

  LDS Church, Tanners To Settle Lawsuit Over GHI
The LDS Church and its long-time critics, Jerald and Sandra Tanner, are poised to settle the Church's lawsuit over the Tanner's publication of 17 pages of the General Handbook of Instructions (GHI) on their website. The Tanners, who run the Utah-based Utah Lighthouse Ministry, posted the GHI chapter on church discipline to their website in July 1999, to aid those trying to leave the LDS Church, and the Church sued to get the pages, and links to the GHI elsewhere, removed from the website.

  LDS-funded Kirtland Roadwork In Progress
A major redesign of the routes taken by roads near the Kirtland Temple is underway, and the project is expected to ease access for tourists visiting the Kirtland historic sites. The work was made possible by a $3 million donation from the LDS Church. It will proceed the construction of a new LDS visitor's center in Kirtland and replicas of a sawmill and ashery that once stood nearby.

  Jerusalem Post Looks At Jews In Mormon Country
Yesterday's Jerusalem Post looked at the history of Jews in Salt Lake City, giving an interesting look into a minority that is favored by Mormon doctrine, but which was not always favored in practice. The article indicates that Jews arrived in Utah soon after the first Mormon pioneers and that like most places, all three main branches of Judaism have developed in Utah.

  LDS Missionaries Tell About Their Lives In Local Paper
Josh Sharp and Shane Cornaby, two missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, recently wrote of their missionary experience for the Albany New York Times Union. Elder Sharp,20 is from Sand Hollow, Idaho and Elder Cornaby 21, is from Spanish Fork, Utah. In a recent article to their local paper they wrote, "Our lives are drastically different as we serve in the New York Utica mission....even our names are changed."

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